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Merlin's Magic BitCoins is a private members gifting club.

It consists of a co-operative of philanthropic like-minded people whose prime focus is on helping to empower other members by the giving and receiving of gifts to one another.

Membership of Merlin's Magic BitCoins is strictly by personal invitation of an existing member only.

Their website is currently in the pre-launch phase before the official launch on 1st May 2013.

Following the massive success of the programme plus the monumental rise in the vale of the BitCoins a second website was launched on the 1st October 2013 and the introduction of a new feeder level at 0.5 BitCoin to make the entry level more affordable to people once again.

Following the continuing rise in value of the BitCoins two new lower feeder levels are now being introduced for 0.25 Bitcoins and 0.125 Bitcoins to again make the entry level more affordable to people once again.

There is now also a new landing page where people can choose which of the two sites listed above that they wish to view -


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