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MINEPLEX BANKING New Generation Mobile Cryptobank - Banking is a new generation mobile cryptobank with its own liquid token. The project is based on an exceptional balance between traditional financial systems, block technology and mobile applications.


MinePlex Banking's aim is to create a reliable and convenient mobile cryptographic bank for the daily use of cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world: paying bills, buying goods, saving and growing assets. MinePlex Banking's mission is to expand Blockchain's influence and to integrate it comprehensively into real life spheres. MinePlex Banking want to remove restrictions when it comes to accessing the world of cryptocurrencies, which separate miners and ordinary users. MinePlex Banking want to introduce affordable, clear and simple financial tools to use cryptocurrencies and Fiat. In order to iPPlement the project, MinePlex Banking are developing their own unique blockchain with a Liquid Proof-of-Stake (LPoS) consensus algorithm, which combines such advantages as siPPlicity: operating speed and decentralisation. The release of the MinePlex debit card will allow you to use the cryptographic currency every day without any restrictions or overpaying fees. The system's own token will provide access to all the service's benefits. MinePlex Banking cards will be compatible with such payment systems as Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay throughout the world.

MinePlexBanking aims to provide the maximum benefit from digital currencies and mobile banking technologies. Customers will be able to:

  • reduce costs when using the application;
  • save time when contacting the bank;
  • be confident in the reliability and security of their funds;


Problem MinePlex Banking solution
Limited use of digital assets, payment option only in industries that accept cryptocurrencies Convenient use of cryptocurrencies every day anywhere in the world
Multiple security threats: hacking, malfunction, fraud All user facilities and transactions are secured using blockchain technology and reliable encryption algorithms
Outdated banking platforms and equipment Modern technologies, use of smart contracts to increase automation
Long transfers (over a few days) All payments are made within one minute.
P2P exchange through sites with additional registration, wasted time and fees to pay Reliable and safe cryptocurrency exchange in one place, without unnecessary procedures and with minimal fees
You can't withdraw large amounts, there's a risk your card will be blocked Legal purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, receiving money to the account in full. The bank cannot block the card without a reason
Freezing accounts without warning the user Transparency of bank-client relations and visibility of all transactions
Detachment, often a lack of interest in the client's problems Personalised advice, decision support


Mobile Cryptobank[edit]

MinePlex Banking is a reliable mobile cryptobank with a current account and classic payment transactions. It's located on your mobile phone and works 24/7. Thanks to blockchain technology and the use of smart contracts, bank transfers can be made quickly and safely.

Multi-Currency Wallet[edit]

The MinePlex Banking CryptoWallet is designed for the fast and easy use of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to mobile access, you can flexibly manage assets and analyse your portfolio at any time. To begin with, the wallet will support its own MINE and PLEX tokens, and by spring 2021, we will have introduced more than 20 major cryptocurrencies (USDT, BTC, ETH, etc.).

p2p Exchange[edit]

The MinePlex Banking Exchanger allows you to quickly and securely sell and buy cryptocurrency software and display it in a single mobile application. The client account is tied to the crypto wallet, saving you time and simplifying the exchange process. Euros and dollars will be accepted as payment.

Visa & Mastercard Debit Card[edit]

The release of the MinePlex debit card will allow you to use the cryptographic currency every day without any restrictions or overpaying fees. The system's own token will provide access to all the service's benefits. MinePlex Banking cards will be compatible with such payment systems as Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay throughout the world.

Fiat Transactions[edit]

MinePlex Banking provides traditional mobile banking services when working with fiat currencies. One of the bank's special features is its safety and transparency of transactions due to blockchain technology.


MinePlex Banking Blockchain features[edit]

  1. The MinePlex decentralised system is built on the multi-stage Tezos blockchain architecture, which allows changes and updates to be made without hard forks.
  2. Blockchain's iPPortant element is the smart contracts developed in Michelson, the language used in the aerospace industry where the cost of error is particularly high.

The MinePlex Blockchain speeds up and simplifies crypto fiat transactions:

  • a single application to access cards and wallets is protected by several security levels;
  • buy and sell cryptocurrency and fiat in seconds without leaving your wallet;
  • utilities payments, loan repayments, sending a transfer in cryptocurrency and Fiat;
  • all transactions are performed directly. They can be verified by transaction participants because they remain in the record registry;
  • the security protocol in a decentralised system automatically blocks fraudsters.


The MinePlex Banking ecosystem is based on 2 tokens: MINE and PLEX.

MINE token
The basic (native) token, which is a unit of computating power of the MinePlex unit, is required to create (generate) a PLEX token. It serves as a means for paying internal commissions. The MINE token is not subject to volatility and its nominal value is $0.01.
PLEX token
Liquid token with limited issue. The PLEX token is issued for every new unit, i.e. once a minute, according to a pre-defined issue algorithm in the blockchain.

Due to the fact that the issue is limited and its speed and size decreases over time, the PLEX token is deflationary in nature.

Technical Specifications Of Tokens[edit]

Purpose processing power unit payment tool
Initial Issue 259 200 000 000 0
Maximum issue 259 200 000 000 414 720 000
Number of digits after the decimal point 4 characters 4 characters
Starting price 0.01 USD 0.20 USD
Blockchain MinePlex MinePlex
Method of obtaining purchase in a personal account, exchange for PLEX inside the blockchain, P2P is charged for plexus of the Mine token, buying on the exchange after listing, P2P

MINE token issue[edit]

  1. The MINE token issue is 259 200 000 000.
  2. 10% of the issue (2 592 000 000 MINE) is a reserve fund for MinePlex Banking. These tokens will form an initial stake, which in turn will provide the starting price for a PLEX token.
  3. 90% of the issue (233 280 000 000 MINE) will be allocated for sale through a personal account, as well as for exchange for PLEX tokens inside the block.

PLEX token issue[edit]

The issue of PLEX tokens is divided into 4 stages. For each stage 25% of the total issue will be issued - 103 680 000 PLEX.

Stage 1 2 3 4 Total
Issue per block 600 300 150 75
Blocks per stage 172 800 345 600 691 200 1 382 400 2 592 000
Issue per stage 103 680 000 103 680 000 103 680 000 103 680 000 414 720 000

The size of 1 block is 1 minute.


  • July 2020 - Launch of the MinePlex blockchain testnet
  • August 2020 - MINE token launch
  • August 2020 - Launch of the MinePlex crypto wallet and explorer
  • September 2020 - Start of Mine token buying and MinePlex Banking marketing
  • September 2020 - Start of the mobile application development for the personal account and the MinePlex Banking crypto wallet
  • September 2020 - Deployment of basic nodes for MINE token stacking
  • October 2020 - PLEX token listing on 3 exchanges
  • October 2020 - Start of development of mobile application for cryptocurrency MinePlex Banking
  • November 2020 - Opening of offices in Moscow, Kiev, Berlin, Malaysia, UAE
  • November 2020 - launch of the payment system and MinePlex Banking cards with the ability to pay via MasterCard, UnionPay, Visa.
  • December 2020 - Start of infrastructure development for projects that plan to hold the sale of tokens based on MinePlex blockchain.
  • December 2020 - Opening and launch of the MinePlex University
  • January 2021 - Launch of a mobile application to pay for daily services, including utility bills
  • March 2021 - Adding 20+ cryptocurrencies to the MinePlex Crypto Wallet including VTS, USDT, ETH, XRP
  • May 2021 - Launch of the programme for lending via the MinePlex Banking mobile bank
  • July 2021 - Holding the largest event for partners of the MinePlex Banking project


  1. Sulaiman al-Fahim (CEO)
  2. Vladislav Babitsky (CTO)
  3. Yuri Kozik (Team Lead)
  4. Sergey Sevastyan (Director of Mineplex University)


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