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Mining Rig Rentals is a company offering a way to rent or lease crypto mining rigs. The site of the company was officially registered only in winter 2015, while the work of the pool started in spring 2014. The company's slogan fully reflects its attitude to the quality of its activities: "The eHarmony of the mining community". The location of the resource is unknown, according to one version it is in New York. The process of secrecy does not affect the quality indicators and the reliability of the pool, which has been consistently high for four years. In the circles of the miners the pool has strengthened the stably positively opinion about itself. The main target audience of the pool are new players who are just trying their hand at the cryptocurrency market. Thanks to technical solutions and a steadily growing number of users, and as a result of the processing power of the pool, experienced players also become clients of the company. The very process of mining on Mining Rig Rentals occurs through the use of such algorithms: SHA256; X11; NeoScrypt; X13; Quark; Lyra2Rev2 and others.

Mining Mechanism[edit]

The process of renting or leasing on Mining Rig Rentals is simple. Service Mining Rig Rentals is equipped with all the necessary mechanisms to keep statistics on the performance of farms. After analyzing all the indicators and selecting the most suitable farm, users can also look at the information in detail in accordance with its results. In addition, it is possible to analyze data on all capacities that operate on the basis of a lease agreement. "Leasing" means only virtual interaction and work with equipment, physical movement of equipment does not occur.

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