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Monaco company cryptocurrency is a pioneering payments and cryptocurrency company with a mission of accelerating the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. is working towards this goal with its portfolio of consumer products, including the Wallet & Card App, the MCO Visa Card, Crypto Invest, as well as Crypto Credit. The Wallet allows users to buy, sell, and pay with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Binance Coin (BNB) and’s MCO Token. Company Review[edit]

The company was founded as Monaco Technologies GmbH in June 2016 with Kris Marszalek as CEO. The company announced its rebrand to on July 6, 2018. On October 22, announced that it has began shipping of its MCO Visa Card in Singapore.

The Team: was founded by:

● Kris Marszalek, Chief Executive Officer

● Rafael Melo, Chief Financial Officer

● Gary Or, Chief Technology Officer

● Bobby Bao, Head of Corporate Development

Key Staff: In December 2017, announced key hires including Erald Ghoos, Sean Rach, and Weiyi Zhang. In May 2018, the company brought former Square chief compliance officer Stanley Lam onboard as chief compliance officer for With Adrienne Wong, Senior Vice President, Head of Product, Cerulean Hu Lead Blockchain Engineer, and Ivan Stefanov as Senior Vice President of Risk Management joining in August 2018.

Staff Profile: On January 11, 2018, Co-Founder and CEO Kris Marszalek was ranked #67 in CryptoWeekly’s “100 Most Influential People in Crypto” list. On March 27, 2018, Forbes selected co-founder and managing director Bobby Bao as a member of Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 List in the Finance & Venture Capital category. On October 26, 2018, announced its new advisory board, led by Antoine Blondeau, Founder and Managing Partner at Alpha Intelligence Capital. The board also include Rob Bier, Founder and Managing Partner at Trellis; Chien-Liang Chou, VP Engineering at Flexport; Chris Corrado, Group Chief Operating Officer and Group Chief Information Officer at London Stock Exchange Group; Huey Lin, Chief Operating Officer at Affirm; Dimitri Tsamados, Partner at Eric Salmon & Partners.

MCO Token[edit]

The MCO Token Sale was conducted from May 18 to June 18, 2017 and raised over US$26.7 million. The MCO token is traded on (21) of the largest global cryptocurrency exchanges. The MCO token price is available online on the following widget.

On August 23, 2017, partnered with Binance to list the MCO token on the Binance exchange, the first time the MCO token was available for exchange. The MCO token is now available on 21 cryptocurrency exchanges.

By December 2017, the MCO token traded US$1B in volume - ranking #35 globally by monthly trading volume.

MCO Visa Card[edit]

The MCO Visa Card is live in Singapore as of October 2018.

Card Range: On August 31, 2017, unveiled five card options. The full portfolio includes Midnight Blue (classic plastic card), Ruby Steel, Rose Gold, Space Gray (Visa Platinum metal cards) and Obsidian Black (Limited Edition Visa Platinum metal card). On July 6, 2018, the portfolio was updated to remove the Rose Gold and Space Gray cards and add Jade Green, Icy White and Royal Indigo as Visa Platinum metal cards.

Visa Program Manager: announced on October 31 that they had received approval to begin issuing Visa cards to Singapore residents, allowing card holders to use the cards as payment at merchants accepting Visa.

Airport Lounge Access: has partnered with Collinson Group for the provision of LoungeKey™ to add airport lounge access for MCO Visa Platinum Obsidian Black, Icy White, Jade Green and Indigo Blue cardholders.

No Annual/ATM Fees: cards are free: card holders are not required to pay any monthly, annual or shipping fees. No ATM fees (subject to tiered usage limits).

Crypto Rewards:'s Visa Platinum cards allow holders to earn up to 2 percent crypto (MCO Token) cashback on all transactions.

Tap and Pay: Unlike many metal cards, users will be able to use the near-field communication (NFC) tap-and-pay functionalities for payments with their MCO Visa cards.

MCO Purchase and Hold (6 Month): The MCO Visa Platinum cards are only available to MCO token holders. The Ruby Steel card is available with a 6-month deposit of 50 MCO, while the Royal Indigo and Jade Green cards are available for a 6-month deposit of 500 MCO. Icy White cards are available with a 5,000 MCO 6-month deposit, and Obsidian Black cards are available to reserve for those depositing 50,000 MCO for 6-months.

Private:’s concierge service, Private, caters to the MCO Visa Platinum Obsidian Black and Icy White cardholders. Its services are tailored to the needs and interests of high-net-worth clients in the crypto space, offering both specialized services and access including: Advice on selected transaction and services; Exclusive access and invitations to industry events, including meetings with industry thought leaders; Preferential access to other exclusive crypto opportunities; Dedicated customer support via phone and IM.

Platinum Referral Rewards: To participate in the program, each user starts by reserving a MCO Visa Platinum card which requires the staking of MCO tokens based on the card reserved. Each user can then invite friends to the app and gift them MCO tokens with special referral links. Users are able to gift up to 10,000 USD to up to 100 friends, the equivalent of 100 USD per friend.

Wallet[edit]’s mobile app was introduced on August 31, 2017 for card reservation for both Android and iOS users to download via Google Play Store and Apple Store. The current Wallet App began closed beta testing on March 12, 2018 and launched May 16, 2018. Through’s Wallet & Card app, users can purchase bitcoin, ether, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin, MCO tokens, and USDM to hold as investments or use as forms of payment. The app also accompanies the MCO Visa Card to track and manage transactions.

On October 4, 2108, introduced EUR bank transfers from accounts in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

MCO Crypto Rewards: For any crypto purchase, including crypto purchase with a debit/credit card or a crypto-to-crypto exchange, rewards users with MCO crypto rewards. Reward levels will vary depending on the amount of MCO Token customers have staked and will apply on the acquired crypto amount.

Crypto Invest[edit]

On October 11, 2018, launched Crypto Invest after announcing the feature on CNBC Asia’s Squawk Box in January 2018.

Over a year in the making, Crypto Invest is a set of trading strategies designed to perform in any market. Users can start building their portfolio from as little as $20 USD. Users may exit at any time without penalty, and does not charge any management, entry or exit fees.

Due to regulatory requirements, Crypto Invest is not currently available in the United States of America, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

MCO Utility: Allows customers to receive a 50 percent discount on all Crypto Invest fees they stake MCO Token. Each portfolio mayhold a portion of MCO Token.

Crypto Credit[edit]’s Credit product is currently in development. It allows users instant access to cash without the need to sell their cryptocurrency holdings. Credit will be a lending platform that allows users to leverage their blockchain assets to secure credit.

Through the app, users can obtain credit using their cryptocurrency holdings as collateral. This credit can then subsequently be spent with MCO Visa cards. It can also be used to purchase other cryptocurrencies in Wallet.

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