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Monetha coin

Monetha MTH Coin is an Ethereum ERC20 token. Monetha is a blockchain company creating a​ ​universal,​ transferable, ​immutable trust​ ​and​ reputation​ ​system combined​ ​with a payment​ ​solution. It was founded in January, 2017 by three crypto enthusiasts. They have self-funded the MVP (Minimal Viable Product), which can be integrated by merchants.

An MVP update has been released on January 19th, 2018 and the first product version was released on March 31st, 2018.[1] On August 2017, Monetha had one of the most successful ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), in 18 minutes has raised 95000 ETH, which at the time was equivalent to 37 million dollars.

Monetha Review[edit]

Monetha ICO Review, MTH coin

Monetha has a superstar team of many industry professionals including, Eric Duprat, a former executive at PayPal. Under Duprat's leadership, PayPal’s mobile payment business saw a growth from $7M of payment volume in 2008 to $4+ billion in 2011. Kellogg N. Fairbank, a former VP Sales/Head of Business Development for Braintree Payments in Europe. As part of the Braintree/Venmo team, he helped to grow the company to $12 Billion in overall payments volume and $4 Billion in mobile payments volume annually, until its eventual sale to PayPal in 2013 for $800 Million. Prior and after ICO, partnerships were already made, including - Pigu Group, which is the largest online retailer in Baltic States.[2] Foodout Group, which is the leading food delivery company in Central Europe and many others.

Being a cryptocurrency based payment solution, Monetha naturally aims to make the payment process cheaper, faster, and more efficient than it is using traditional payment gateways, by reducing the need for intermediaries. When clients choose to pay through the gateway, the purchase amount will be converted to a selected cryptocurrency in real-time and a QR code will be generated for the customer to scan and approve with their crypto-wallet. The payment will then be transferred to the merchant’s wallet in approximately 2 minutes, and converted to the merchant’s preferred fiat currency via Kraken or other exchange API[3].

Monetha Price (MTH)[edit]

There is a relevant price of Monetha – MTH coin:

Price history of Monetha coin (MTH) presented in the table below.

Date Open High Low Close Volume (USD) Market Cap (USD)
Jun 01, 2019 0.024644 0.024819 0.023045 0.023960 279,898 8,183,317
Nov 01, 2018 0.043967 0.043967 0.041390 0.041575 605,996 9,074,677
May 01, 2018 0.145701 0.145701 0.130952 0.141982 2,296,890 30,883,295
Jan 01, 2018 0.314294 0.314294 0.314294 0.302829 4,915,090 65,702,997
Oct 01, 2017 0.137811 0.183047 0.136740 0.171593 1,128,420 37,195,078

Decentralized Trust and Reputation System (DTRS)[edit]

The fundamental problem for sellers and buyers in classified ads marketplaces (or global e-commerce in general) is that they do not trust each other. The solution is a blockchain based trust and reputation system for commerce. Sellers will be able to build transferable, independent, universal, transparent reputation to boost commerce, while buyers will learn more about sellers and buy with trust wherever they are. One of the biggest concerns of the sellers/merchants is that they cannot transfer their hard earned reputation to use it in a global commerce.

Monetha's Decentralized Trust and Reputation System lets its users display and build their ratings through different platforms (once reputable on their own e-commerce website, they can be reputable in Avito and OLX). This is where essentially the seller becomes the owner and the central figure of his/her reputation, rather than a centralized authority.[4]


For its services, Monetha will charge merchants a transaction fee of 1.5% (with no chargeback fees), of which 1/3 (0.5%) will go to a “Voucher Smart Contract” for token holders and the remaining 2/3 (1%) will go the company as revenue. The voucher smart contract will provide token holders with the ability to claim a voucher proportional to the amount of tokens that they hold, to use as a discount or gift-card when shopping with Monetha. In addition, every purchase made with Monetha will reward the customer with 0.2% of the purchase value in MTH coins from the loyalty program pool. Other loyalty discounts will also be available.

Monetha ICO[edit]

Token Sale Dates: Token sale begins 31-August and will continue for 31 days or until either the hard-cap is reached, or the soft-cap is reached plus a 120-hour countdown;
Total Supply: 402,400,000 MTH, of which 50% will be available for the token sale, while 15% will go to the Monetha team, 13% will go to the loyalty program, 12% will go to the bounty campaign, advisors, partners, and ICO campaign costs, and 10% will go to future company financing;
Raise Limits: Soft cap is 28,000 ETH, Hard cap is 95,000 ETH;
Pricing Structure: 1 ETH = 2400 MTH until the soft cap is reached; 1 ETH = 2000 MTH after the soft cap is reached;

MTH Coin Exchanges[edit]

Monetha is an efficient payment solution for merchants that enables globally trustful commerce.

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