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Morningstar is a Japanese subsidiary of Morningstar Inc. The company is engaged in the preparation of ratings of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

The ratings are based on the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Any cryptocurrency exchange is enclosed by a list of popularity. The company helps investors to orient in cryptocurrencies. The system is based on the evaluation of platforms and exchanges by issuing stars on a five-point system. By this rating you users can judge the quality and reliability of the platforms. All values are calculated by Morningstar. According to the statistics of the official site, all the projects are divided the following way:

  1. One star rating - 10% of platforms.
  2. Two stars rating - 23% of platforms.
  3. Three stars rating - 35% of platforms.
  4. Four stars rating - 22 % of platforms.
  5. The best five star rating - 10% of platforms.

Morningstar (Morningstar Japan) is a single company located in different parts of the world, with different management. Morningstar Japan produces goods, services of the market of the country of residence. Morningstar Japan shares are traded on the stock exchange at a cost of about 231 rubles (RUS).

The developers of the parent company say that in Japan there is no regulation of tokens and investor restraint and therefore they decided to open their company there. The company helps investors not to get confused in choosing the right cryptocurrency investment before it is done by checking the false information. "People are our most important assets. Many of us are real investors who help see things from the customers' angle and develop the products that are really needed," the developers say.

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