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Moveo Logo

Moveocoin is a cryptocurrency that reward people who workout.

The Goal[edit]

The project started from a simple observation: A lot of people know that sport is good for them few or not enough make it. The lack of motivation proves to be one of the main obstacles to the practice of sport. With MOVEO, we want to eliminate this lack of motivation by paying you for exercising. So, you feel good and you have earn money for it! Our goal is to motivate people into exercising and becoming healthy with currency and to compensate those who are taking care of themselves every day.

MOV token[edit]

Moveo coin – MOV price

The tokens mark the beginning of the Moveo adventure. The purchase of these tokens therefore gives benefits to the Moveo team but also to the investors who will finance the project. For Moveo team, these tokens will allow to: 1. Raise funds to develop the Moveo project. 2. Develop partnerships with companies operating in the field of sport. 3.Recruit sports coaches, nutritionists and health professionals to satisfy the needs of our customers.

  • Type: ERC20;
  • Token Name: MOV;
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 MOV;
  • Open volume for the ICO : 10%;

For investors, these tokens will allow to:

  1. Become precursors of the project
  2. Participate in strategic decisions shaping the future of Moveo
  3. Have access to benefits related to the investor status