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NOIZ is a special platform that helps to create a better place for all kinds of advertising campaigns. Here, thanks to the use of smart contracts, end users and ordinary advertisers are united.


NOIZ is a special decentralized platform based on blockchain technology to exchange cognitive advertising. By using this kind of platform, it is very easy to deal with all sorts of click fraud. In order to increase the interaction with all customers, two most important principles were used. First, a special dialogue with a dynamic structure was created, where the advertiser and the user could communicate. The second - the application will be a kind of incentive for the activities of all users.

All digital advertising has the highest level of transparency. Every advertiser knows they work and cooperates with. At any time, the publication history can be viewed to avoid fraud in different transactions. Also, all data is written on the blockchain.

There can be no leakage of information or data. Through the use of blockchain, people control the process of data transmission and decide what information is ready to share and what is not.

Increased responsibility for the advertising model itself. Through the creation of a special consensus among all members of the community, there are some obstacles for advertisers or organizations with low ratings.

Increased level of responsibility. With the platform, each advertiser can automatically participate in the GWS and also donate some of their own funds for the event.


The internal token of the system is NOIZ, which is used to pay for advertising and receive some rewards by users. About 300 million units were produced. The price of one coin is 0.25 USD.

Distribution of tokens[edit]

  • approximately 60% of the total value of the tokens were sold out on the main sale;
  • 2% the very first participants receive;
  • advisors have at their disposal 8%;
  • various charities - about 10%;
  • the founders have 20% of the coins issued.


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