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Nebeus is a customer-oriented cryptocurrency platform that caters to cryptocurrency users. This platform offers several financial services, including vault storage, peer-to-peer loans, protected savings, and crypto-wallets. Users can earn, save, and convert cryptocurrency to real cash on this platform.


Nebeus is a digitized financial platform created by Sergey Romanovsky. Mr. Romanovsky is a degree holder in the field of Organic Geochemistry obtained from Novosibirsk State University. He also holds an MBA in Financial Management Services. Sergey Romanovsky’s vision of creating a user-friendly platform for reliable peer-to-peer financial services started in 2014. As a result, he created Nebeus.

Nebeus Digital Wallet[edit]

The central purpose of creating this wallet is to provide a user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency holders. The Nebeus Digital Wallet allows users to manage and protect their crypto assets better. This wallet also gives users the ability to request and receive loans without any added fees or increased interest rates. You are entitled to two loan options when using our wallet. Our Clients can also monitor their loan conditions with our advanced Loan Health Monitor. Also, users can take advantage of the 80% loan to value ratios with utmost confidence. Furthermore, the digital wallet allows cryptocurrency holders to change their Crypto to Fiat instantly without experiencing any unnecessary delays. You can convert your crypto assets not only to Euros but also Dollars (USD) and the British Pound (GBP). The services available on this platform are tailored to users who wish to circumvent the stress of converting the crypto wallet contents to liquid cash. Most importantly, your wallet is completely secure, as well as your transactions.

Nebeus Savings Accounts[edit]

Your Nebeus wallet allows you two savings account options. You can open the Evergreen Savings account for 0.35 BTC (18 ETH). This aptly-named savings option offers you an 8.25% annual interest, which is deposited to your digital wallet every month. The Rock Star savings option allows you to save your assets with us without any commitment — we will take care of them for you. You can open this account option with 0.006 BTC (0.3 ETH) and earn 6.45% APY. You can also calculate your expected savings and monthly interest rate using our adapted online savings calculator.


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