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NetM is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain network, oriented to corporate and personal use with its is own built-in currency (NTM) to compensate with other assets and commodities, public released to provide liquidity and exchange between digital assets, a way of save value in the network.


NetM is a distributed payment network that functions as an universal payment system with its native electronic currency (NTM) that connects the different transactional networks. Allowing to send and receive money on internet more easily and economically. It will democratizes transactions and extends the coverage of transactional infrastructure for a complete interconnection between businesses and people.

Technical features[edit]

  • Algorithm Scrypt Type: PoW;
  • Coin name: NetM;
  • Coin symbol: NTM;
  • RPC port: 22557;
  • P2P port: 22558;
  • Block reward: 10,000 coins;
  • Market Circulation: 11,000,000,000 coins
  • Total coin supply: 111,000,000,000 coins


NTM is the native coin used on the NetM Network to compensate and encourage liquidity between markets and mining nodes to keep the chain operate normally.


  • Inflation percentage: 5% per year
  • Target spacing: 60 seconds
  • Target timespan: 1 block
  • Transaction confirmations: 6 blocks

Unlike deflationary cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin), there is a inflation rate of 5% as a growth rate related to projections of increase in the global economy. This represents new coins being introduced into the economy. The supply of (NTM) coins would remain unlimited, resulting in the constant reduction of its inflation rate over a long term.


A P2P network handles transactions, balances and issuance through the proof-of-work scheme.

(NTM) coins are currently traded for fiat currencies, bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies and various commodities mostly on online exchanges.


Payments and transactions in the network are made to addresses, which are based on digital signatures. They are unique identifiations over the network. Crations of many addresses needed is possible without spending any coins.


Transactions are recorded in the NetM blockchain, a new block is added to the blockchain with a targeted time of 60 seconds, a transaction is usually considered complete after 6 blocks, or 6 minutes, a design considered for transactions and micro-transactions through faster and smaller blocks gives good performance for processed transactions over time.


The wallet is offered by the developers and maintainers for Windows, Linux, OSX, Online.

The functionality in the wallet is standard like bitcoin wallets.


There are public exchanges to buy NetM - (NTM): Novaexchange,, Yobit, Coinsmarkets.

Whith differrent pairs BTC/ETH/DOGE.

NetM Price[edit]

The live NetM - (NTM) price is available on COINGEKO, COINPAPRIKA, CRYPTOCOMPARE and other indexes:

Key Features[edit]

NetM Network[edit]

The network provide a global infrastructure enabling new markets, digital assets and commodities connection for doing businesses and ability to find liquidity in efficient way in real time. A global ecosystem for exchange digital value over internet.

Blockchain Protocol[edit]

The NetM public blockchain is an open source protocol technology resistant to political, government and business censorship with elements of security and dentralization.

Universal Payment System[edit]

The interoperability with other payment networks and blockchain protocols provides a NetM integration with new and existing systems to bring innovate bussines models and general impact in real economy. Connection all the edges of the digital economy and the different speculative markets in the world enables liquidity of new markets.


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