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Nexo logo

The NEXO is a cryptocurrency token of the credit platform of the same name. With NEXO, each member of the platform will be able to get a loan at a minimum interest rate, and other part of the users will be able to provide a loan. The risk of losing money is reduced to zero.


The peculiarity of the project is that the owners of the cryptocurrency can receive fiat money in return for the cryptocurrency provided by the NEXO platform. In this way, they get an additional opportunity to use the money they have sent to buy digital assets. The lending process takes place in a few minutes. In addition, to obtain a loan on the platform, the user does not make any hidden payments, does not pay extra taxes. All actions on the platform are provided with high security, as they are controlled by algorithms running through the native module NEXO Oracle. Users of the platform can get more benefits, if they post bail tokens NEXO. And for the convenience of the money received, the project provides its own card, which can be used to transfer funds to a bank account or for daily transactions. Using the NEXO platform is very simple. To start, the user has to put his funds to the NEXO wallet, after that the Oracle of the platform will evaluate the cryptocurrency, and then determine the maximum possible level of lending. If the client is satisfied with the level of credit that is offered to him, he gets the money, and if he is not satisfied, he withdraws the funds.


The project is led by team of professionals who have extensive experience in the fintech sector, and have been associated with a number of projects offering similar services. NEXO has all the chances to become one of the most popular currency in the market of lending on the security of digital assets.

Where to buy[edit]

NEXO tokens are not traded on top cryptocurrency exchange platforms like the Huobi, HitBTC, Mercatox and Hotbit.

Nexo Wallets[edit]

Nexo cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain based token. So you can use any wallet, which is compatible with Ethereum and ERC-20 standard.

Nexo Price[edit]

The NEXO's price is available on COIN360:


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