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NEXXO is building the NEXT generation, blockchain-powered, financial services platform for under-banked micro and small businesses. There are more than 260 million micro and small businesses world-wide that are under-banked and under-serviced1, and the NEXXO solution is designed from the ground up to address such an unfulfilled need. NEXXO partners with local banks and with local central bank regulators to build a global financial services platform that betters the lives of micro & small business owners and operators, their families, their communities, and their surrounding ecosystem.

More information in the project's whitepaper: NEXXO's Whitepaper

NEXXO's Background[edit]

NEXXO was originally incorporated as Nexxus Payment Group in 2014. A majority shareholder of QPAY, Qatar, one of the largest Middle-Eastern fintech (Financial Technology) companies. It might be noteworthy that Qatar is the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and that the Qatari market is currently one of the fastest-growing markets in the Middle East region.

More than 380,000 bank cards (MasterCard branded) have been issued by NEXXO International, a subsidiary of NEXXO. NEXXO services more than 14,500 small and medium-sized businesses, mostly in the Middle East. The company is planning further aggressive growth targeting emerging markets such as South Asia (Pakistan and India), the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Operating in Six Countries and growing.

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