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Nexxus Rewards Has Real Utility to Deliver Real Profits While Lifting Local Communities.

Nexxus Rewards is a production-ready community cooperative solution that creates real utility buyer demand for cryptocurrency to produce real profits for token sale purchasers. And it lifts entire local communities with a win-win-win scenario for local charities, merchants, and shoppers.


Nexxus Rewards provides local charities with leveraged perpetual funding that puts cash in their bank accounts every week to fund their important social causes. Charities don’t have to buy or sell anything; they just support their local community.

Charities can uniquely leverage the relationships of their general membership. They receive funding from the shopping transactions of their own members, and on their members referred friends and family, and on their referred friends indefinitely.

Each shopper is incented with free shopping dollars for referrals to Nexxus Rewards. The fundraising continues automatically in the background forever from shoppers who never stop shopping. This organically growing shopper network can expand to thousands of referral levels. Nexxus Rewards’ charities can earn money on their entire shopper network to infinity.


Every shopping transaction creates real utility buyer demand for the Nexxus token. For example; If a merchant offers a 10% reward on a $100 purchase, Nexxus Rewards purchases $10 worth of Nexxus tokens with merchant funds from the public markets, to give to the shopper that they can redeem like cash at any Nexxus merchant. Nexxus Rewards is a shared rewards program for the whole community with Nexxus tokens as the internal currency that is not dependent on speculative trading.

Potentially, tens of millions of daily shopping transactions worldwide can create significant real utility buyer demand for the Nexxus Token. That real utility is a consistent demand that is not subject to the emotional whims of speculative traders.

The Nexxus Token (NXX) will be offered during the public token sale for $0.20. Each token purchaser also receives a buy-back option to sell all or part of their tokens to Nexxus Rewards for $1.00 with the shopping transaction demand. First buy-back priority is given to the first purchasers. Nexxus Rewards’real utility delivers real profits for the NXX token purchasers.