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nodeBrick is a company that develops and services blockchain-based games. nodeBrick creates new gaming opportunities by combining blockchain technology and games. The studio was founded in 2018 by a group of developers, designers and animators from leading Korean gaming companies.


In October 2018, it became known about the creation of nodeBrick under the leadership of Shin Hi Jun. According to company representatives, nodeBrick is developing various HTML5-based mini-games that allow users to play tournaments with each other and which use transactions.

Wemade Tree announced on April 9, 2019, that it had signed a MOU to promote the game block service with game developer nodeBrick. Wemade Tree is a subsidiary of Wemade, established in January 2018 to research and develop blockchain technology. The company plans to provide various services combining blockchain technology with games. As a result of the signing of a memorandum of mutual cooperation, both companies will strengthen not only technological cooperation, such as the development and maintenance of various gaming content based on the blockchain but also provide stable and optimized services based on close cooperation in the fast-growing blockchain gaming market.


nodeBrick has several investor companies:

  • Neptune is a mobile game developer founded in 2012 and established itself as a global game developer in Japan, Taiwan and North America. Neptune Inc. is listed on the Korean Stock Exchange. It's also well known for investing in Bluehole Studio, which developed BattleGrounds PlayerUnknown.
  • Dounamu & Partners, a Korean venture capital investment firm, was founded in 2018 and is a subsidiary of Doomu Corporation, which operates the Upbit cryptocurrency exchange. Dunamu & Partners is an investment subsidiary of Dunamu.
  • Hashed is an investment company based in Seoul and San Francisco, which seeks and supports innovative decentralized projects in blockchain markets around the world.


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