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Nordeus is an independent mobile games developer headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia. The studio’s debut game is Top Eleven Football Manager, a free-to-play social football management simulation game.

In 2013, the game reached the top of the top grossing charts in 23 countries on Android, and 68 countries on AppStore, according to data from App Annie.

The company is self-funded and one of Europe's fastest-growing companies in the field of computer games. It is a privately held company with no external funding.


Nordeus was founded in March 2010 by ex-Microsoft employees, who are all alumni of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade.

In May 2015 Nordeus had more than 160 employees.


Top Eleven - Be a Football Manager[edit]

Top Eleven is an online football management simulation game developed and published by Nordeus. Originally launched on Facebook in May 2010 the game was released on mobile platforms in November 2011.

The game lets players build and manage their own football club and compete with other players in real time. The game is freemium and generates revenue through in-app purchases.

In March 2013, Jose Mourinho became the game promoter for Top Eleven, appearing on the official game icon as well as in-game, as an advisor for players in tutorial mode.

Thanks to licensing agreements, official kits and emblems from clubs including Real Madrid C.F., Arsenal F.C., Juventus F.C. and Borussia Dortmund are available for players to purchase and use for their teams.


Nordeus has donated funds to the “Battle for Maternity Wards” campaign initiated by the B92 Fund, helping fully equip 8 maternity wards in Belgrade, Niš, Vranje, Sombor, Kikinda, Zrenjanin and Senta.


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