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Nousplatform logo
Nousplatform ICO Review
Nousplatform ICO
Ticker: NSU
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Price: 1 NSU = 0.002 ETH
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 25,000,000 USD
Softcap: 1,600,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: BTC, ETH, LTC

Nousplatform is a financial ecosystem for investors and decentralized investment funds powered by Ethereum Smart Contracts. Fund managers can create and manage investment funds in few clicks. Most profitable funds will be listed in the top rating. Investors can easily track the activities of each fund and make a decision to buy or to sell its assets.


Nousplatform is very excited to be part of the future of blockchain. They are convinced that the blockchain-driven economy will serve to improve the lives of people the world over.
Their system is designed to offer investors simplicity, transparency, diversification, speed of transaction execution, reduced bureaucracy, firm rules of participation, no minimum investment, and unaltered and accurate data.
Nousplatform’s solution will enable:
1) Small and midsize businesses to issue tokens as an equity, integrate legaltech and attract investors;
2) Investment funds to track real time statistical data based on blockchain for establishing ratings and trust level;
3) Smart contracts to govern investor relations;
4) Faster transactions with lower commissions.
They are certain that enhanced wealth creation and financial stability will be possible by applying simple principles of transparency and trust based on distributed ledger technology.  
They invite you to participate in building our success story.


April of 2017: Idea creation, proof of concept
June of 2017: Website launch, Nousplatform and Nousprotocol development. In-House Development Team
July of 2017: Publishing of the Whitepaper Completion of technical documentation
September of 2017: PoC of the investor's cold wallet for the storage of tokenized assets
November of 2017: Pre-Sale to create a community of backers, that become potential investors on the platform
December of 2017 – February of 2018: Launch of back offices pre-registration of the investors and establishment of their accounts. PR campaign to build a community of the investors on the platform.
March - May of 2018: Launch of beta version of the Nousplatform in Ethereum Testnet and initial testing. Launching pilot investment funds with existing partners.
June of 2018: Release of the Nousplatform. Integration with Bancor protocol
August - September of 2018: Launch of beta for decentralized exchange (DEX) Development of the API for Escrow and third-party service integration with smart contracts.
October of 2018: Development and integration of third-party solutions and services to purchase NOUSTOKEN using FIAT
November-December of 2018: Launch beta integration API for third-party services
2019: Development and integration of algorithms for decentralized asset management that will determine the initial rules and framework for managers working with equity assets.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Colin Breeze CEO Colin Breeze photo 4.1
Alex Man Managing Director & Co-Founder Alex Man photo 4.1
Anatol Ostrowski CTO & Co-Founder Anatol Ostrowski photo 4.1
Viktor Pulyaev COO & Co-Founder Viktor Pulyaev photo 4.1
Andrey Vorobyowski CSO&Co-Founder Andrey Vorobyowski photo 4.1
Norman Chou Advisors Norman Chou photo 4.1
John Cioe Advisors John Cioe photo 4.1
Ken Tachibana Advisors Ken Tachibana photo 24.2
Michiel Triebert Advisors Michiel Triebert photo 4.1
Viv Anand Advisors Viv Anand photo 4.1
Alexander Uglov Advisors Alexander Uglov photo 8.1
Brian Kusmer Advisors Brian Kusmer photo 4.1
Bonnie Normile Advisors Bonnie Normile photo 13
Yagub Rahimov Advisors Yagub Rahimov photo 43.4
Sean Brizendine Advisors Sean Brizendine photo 25.8
Henok (Hen) Tekle Advisors Henok (Hen) Tekle photo 4.1
Ahsan B. Ali h Advisors Ahsan B. Ali photo 4.1
Mofassair hossain Advisor Advisors 59.7
Benjamin Theobald Advsors Benjamin Theobald photo 7.1

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