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Nuvoo Mining is a company offering cloud mining service and several alternatives for cooperation, including the possibility of renting a mining farm, developed by experts. Since 2016, the company operates in Canada, in the province of Quebec. This location is the most profitable, as the low cost of electricity and optimal climatic conditions allow users to save user investment on the cost of production and cooling.


The system of cooperation and algorithm of the company's farms is developed by experts in the cryptocurrency market, the main focus in development is on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of production. The energy cost of 1 GH/s is only 0.00021$. The farm runs on the latest equipment, which can always be viewed online on the official website. All charges in the system are carried out in Bitcoins, alternative currencies are also mined — Litecoin and Ethereum, which are automatically converted by the system into the equivalent of BTC.

The site is available in several languages, Russian is among them.

System members can count on 24-hour online support, profitable affiliate program, discounts and bonuses.

How it works[edit]

Registration in the system involves verification of the user to confirm the e-mail address. But the form provided by this service is much more complicated than the competitors (a lot of fields to fill).

It is easier to use the registration through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), but this option will not free users from manual entry of information.

After verification of the documents all the functionality of a personal office will be available, including the purchase contract for the beginning of cooperation. Currently, the contract can be paid by credit cards, Bitcoins or bank transfer, if the amount of the transaction exceeds $1000. The system reserves the right for users to choose a Bitcoin wallet.

Fees and prices[edit]

Nuvoo Mining has developed tariff plans for both large investors and beginners with minimal investment. In the system there are 8 tariff plans:

  • STARTER: contract price — $75.67; leased capacity-621.95 CH / s.
  • BRONZE: contract value — $225; leased capacity-1865.87 CH / s.
  • SILVER: the cost of the contract is $450; leased capacity 3731,76 CH/s.
  • GOLD: contract price — $900; leased capacity-7463,53 CH / s.
  • PLATINUM: contract value — $2700; leased capacity-22,390,60 CH / s.
  • EMERALD: contract value — $5400; leased capacity-44781.21 CH / s.
  • DIAMOND: contract value — $9000; leased capacity-74635,43 CH / s.
  • ROYAL: contract value-180000$; leased capacity-149270,88 CH / s.

All contracts offered by the service are perpetual, i.e. production continues as long as the contract income can cover the costs of production. After the yield has come to zero, 21 days are provided, in case Bitcoin mining becomes easier or its rate against the USD increases, if it does not happen, then the contract will be automatically closed by the system after the expiration date.

Profitability and return on investment[edit]

The company's website does not have a calculator of the projected yield of the contract. Nuvoo works exclusively on perpetual contracts and it is difficult to predict income for the period. The duration of the contract depends on the rate of Bitcoin to the USD, due to the difficulty of production and energy costs. The first two points are completely independent of the company's actions, but the optimization of production is constantly being upgraded. The estimated yield can be calculated by the amount of leased capacity using an external calculator. So the purchase of the minimum tariff will bring about $87 per year, and the largest — $20,000.


  • Stable operation for more than two years;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Ecological compatibility;
  • Variety of tariff plans;
  • Availability of the affiliate program, promotions and bonuses;
  • Long and cheap lease term for an indefinite contract;
  • Tracking work on web cameras;
  • Round-the-clock customer support;
  • The withdeawal can be made in any crypto system.


  • The lack of internal calculator projected yield rates;
  • Production is paid once a month;
  • The high threshold for withdrawal;
  • Only three ways to pay contracts.

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