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General information[edit]

Obizcoin promises to create a bot that will help start-up businessmen and should increase the percentage of successful startups. To access the bot's functionality, the same-named cryptocurrency was created on the Ethereum blockchain. The authors of the project pay attention to the disappointing statistics for beginning businessmen — most of these undertakings end in nothing.

The team provides statistics to make it clear why the bot should become popular:

  • 65% of business projects in the first 5 years cease to exist;
  • 80% of start-ups fail, and the reason lies in ineffective management;
  • 80% of the problems arise due to the fact that in the development of any project internal processes are independent, internal contradictions are brewing, which eventually leads to collapse;
  • the lack of optimization of internal organizational processes leads to a drop in profits by 20-30%.

According to the authors of the project, inefficient business processes cause a negative effect that is 5 times worse than the release of poor-quality goods.

Bot features[edit]

The bot will solve the following tasks:

  • collect information;
  • analyze it;
  • identify weaknesses, assess risks;
  • propose solutions;
  • implement them.

The application of this development should provide:

  • 10x scalability of business;
  • ROI (cost recovery) within the 1st quarter after the start of its use;
  • reduced operating costs;
  • optimization of the production process;
  • work in 24x7 mode.


Obizcoin can not be mined, it can be obtained either for participation in the development of the network, or by purchasing on exchanges. The ICO stage was scheduled from 29.01.18 till 14.03.18. The developers have set the Hard Cap at $15 million, and Soft Cap at $1.5 million.

The collected funds will be distributed in such proportion:

  • 60% to be spent on the development of the bot;
  • 30% — marketing costs;
  • 10% — reserve fund.

Total planned production is 300 million OBZ tokens.

  • the ICO allocates 90% of their total, i.e. 270 million OBZ;
  • developers will become owners of 8%, i.e. 24 million OBZ;
  • another 2% are planned for the bounty program (promotion of the Obizcoin io product by publishing articles in blogs, posting videos on YouTube);
  • to encourage the team to work on the product more actively, the developers themselves have set a limit according to which their part of the tokens will be unlocked only 10% every six months.


The authors of Obizcoin divide the process of developing and running the bot on 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 — create the IP of the bot;
  • Stage 2 — start the blockchain, start running the bot, testing;
  • Stage 3 — launch the beta test, integrate of the bot with the “smart” things.

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