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Jump to: navigation, search is a decentralized platform that offers a complete spectrum of functions for a faster, more secure and private Internet surfing, and blockchain technology allows to benefit both users and site owners.


The platform allows users to turn off ads, thus speeding up page loading and eliminating annoying graphic elements. At the same time, site owners do not lose anything: instead of money for advertising, they receive project tokens. Also there is a built-in mechanism that blocks tracking user activity scenarios, so it will be much harder to collect information about users. The platform is integrated with an antivirus that will protect users from viruses and hacker attacks aimed at stealing sensitive data. There will also be a voting system that allows all users to evaluate the security of the sites. On the basis of these votes, an honest rating will be built. will be available to users in the following form: an extension for all major browsers and a mobile app. In both cases, the wallet will also be integrated.


Token OIO is the primary internal token platform 2,500,000,000 OIO were issued. If the maximum bar is not reached, not sold tokens will be burned. 70% of the tokens will be available for sale, 15% will go to the company and will be frozen for a year, 10% will go to the promotion of the project. The remaining 5% will be given to advisors.


During the ICO it is planned to collect $5,000,000 (softcap) and $50,000,000 (hardcap). In addition, the platform will use two types of tokens: ICE and TST. ICE token is designed for micro payments and daily use. They will be produced in equal quantities every week and charged the owners of the OIO. In total, 20% of the total issue will be charged in this way. The mechanism of Proof of Stake is implemented here, but it is divided into two types of tokens. 60% of ICE will go to site operators, and another 20% will be taken by the company for further development of the project. The total issue of tokens will not be limited, but the number of issued tokens will decrease by 30% every year for 10 years. The TST will exist in the private network of the blockchain and will not be available for sale on the exchanges. It will be used to reward users for their participation in the polls regarding security of sites.

Direction[edit] covers two major market: Internet advertising and cyber security. At the moment, both of these areas are developing and promising, despite the already significant progress. Advertising allows the vast majority of information resources, and the fight against viruses will be relevant as long as there is the Internet and computers. There is room for new ideas in two emerging markets, so can take its place there.

Prospects[edit] offers an interesting product that can simplify the life of ordinary Internet users and offer site owners new principles of earnings. The project has no direct competitors, which will greatly simplify its way to the masses. The implementation of all the tasks is a difficult job, but the project can gain popularity among many users and develop into an ecosystem.

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