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Origin X Capital (OXC) is a consulting firm that invests in fintech companies using blockchain technology. The company has offices in Hong Kong and Europe. It is founded in March 2018 Maarten Verweij.

Origin X Capital is one of the leading international digital asset funds. The OXC team of analysts, traders, developers, and marketing consultants accelerates and invests in innovative distributed ledger technology.


As strategic partners, OXC not only provides a significant capital injection, but also offers financial, legal and technical knowledge, is highly valued by industry connections, PR and marketing, and other best-in-class services to accelerate the development of the project. The team, which includes private investors, venture capitalists, securities lawyers, professional marketers, and hedge fund investment professionals, is focused on international activities with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Partnership with Blockcloud[edit]

In August 2018, it became known that Origin X Capital became a strategic investor of Blockcloud. The OXC's long track record, including ICON, Fantom, and PoA, just a few, provides Blockcloud with the right platform to grow in an established and sustainable business with the best interests of investors.


Sandra Wu – Founding partner

The team of Origin X Capital (OXC) consists of the following members:

  • Sandra Wu – Founding partner.
  • Maarten Verweij – Founder & Chief Investment Officer.
  • Danijela C. – COO & Founding Member.
  • Jane Lippencott – Business Development.

ICO projects[edit]

Origin X Capital participates as a fund in the following projects for 2019:


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