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Princeton Digital Exchange is a platform for trading limited risk derivatives such as binary options safely and securely.

Princeton Digital Exchange was founded with the intent of providing individual investors with access to financial instruments which, thus far, have largely only been available to institutions. The emergence of bitcoin and its unique characteristics as a secure and reliable virtual currency enables the realization of this goal.


100% Bitcoin[edit]

All transactions on Princeton DEX are Bitcoin denominated. Deposits, trades, and withdrawals are conducted in Btc without ever being converted to a fiat currency. No minimum deposit or balance required.

Real Time[edit]

Market information is shown in realtime so you can gauge market depth, last trades, and other information important to your trading decisions.

Browser Based[edit]

Trade using your web browser. No downloads or installation of any custom client software required.


Ravi Sakaria President & Chief Executive Officer Ravi Sakaria has an extensive background in financial and technology industries, and is no stranger to disruptive technologies like bitcoin. After working for First Union Bank in the early part of his career, Sakaria went on to found VoicePulse Inc. focused on another emerging technology, voice over IP. VoicePulse was a pioneering company which, in 2003, became only the second company in the nation to deliver Internet telephony services to residential and business consumers, and the first to offer SIP wholesale trunking services

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