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PIEXGO official logo

PIEXGO is a digital currency trading platform that supports spot and OTC trading for major tokens and financial derivatives products. PIEXGO serves users and investors around the world. PIEXGO will work not only in Singapore but also in the USA, Japan, South Korea, India, and other countries. Piexgo was founded in 2019 to create a world-class innovative financial ecosystem that could collaborate with elite investors and global consulting teams. PIEXGO provide the best services that are safe, honest, and open to Piexgo users.

PIEXGO on market[edit]

PIEXGO has been operating for a long time and has attracted a lot of attention from investors or users to trading on the PIEXGO exchange. Many of them have already managed to get a good profit on their investments. The PIEXGO team focused on creating a world-class innovative financial ecosystem for digital assets. Relying on a strong R&D team, as well as working with elite investors and a global consulting team. PIEXGO has already enabled Coingecko.com with the most active BTC / USDT trade. Also on the stock exchange already placed 20 of the most famous coins that are available for trading in 32 pairs.

Platform review[edit]

PIEXGO dashboard

The advantages of PIEXGO are:

  • Customer-oriented security system
  • Advanced Security System
  • International Asset Management
  • Modern technological solutions
  • Modes of trading on PIEXGO

The platform has two different exchange modes: Basic and Advanced.


RocketGo is a service that is intended for user participation in high-quality environmental projects and other public activities in various ways, including participation in public offers of environmental projects IXO. Public networks, environmental projects, and PIEXGO users must fill slots in PXG holdings to be eligible to participate in IXO. The first public partners of RocketGo are NEO and Ontology. PIEXGO will continue to optimize and expand the resources of the platform for the ecological construction of public chains and provide great value to users of the PIEXGO platform.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds[edit]

The fee for withdrawing funds from the PIEXGO Exchange is only 0.0005 BTC, which is significantly lower than the cost of the operation for the same service from competitors. The average withdrawal cost of a global cryptocurrency exchange is 0.000812 BTC-0.001 BTC.

Referral system[edit]

Referral system is a system in which a user invites someone to the site and receives a commission from the transactions of his invited partners (referrals) if the invited person has successfully fulfilled certain requirements. The following is a description of the PIEXGO referral system:

  1. User invites friends by a referral link or uses QR-code.
  2. Level 1 referral means that registered users are direct, and the referral rate of level 1 is 30% -40%.
  3. Level 2 referral means that users of level 1 are registered as users, and the referral rate of level 2 is 5%.
  4. PIEXGO will calculate a commission using USDT.
  5. The daily estimated time is 0:00 (UTC + 8), the commission will be paid until 12:00 the next day.
  6. The commission will be calculated from the moment of successful registration of the listed user, which lasts 90 days.
  7. PIEXGO will check for duplicate accounts or fraud; if there is fraud, then PIEXGO will not give a commission.


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