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PM7 is an affiliate marketing platform and a cryptocurrency of this platform.


One of the key points of the PM7 platform launch is the system token, which is based on the ERC-20 standard. This coin will be distributed during the ICO. Users can buy tokens to be the owners of a premium account with a certain set of options. This token is the basis of the system infrastructure, as well as an identifier that reflects the number of events of the marketing platform for the monthly period. The token is a virtual currency that partners can use within the platform as a means of payment for services and additional options.

For users of the system, there are bonuses that can be increased if a person promotes projects using any available methods (messages in social networks, communication with friends, emails, etc.). The platform has already introduced the PSP service, designed for transactions with digital money, and, in addition, there is a private exchange, which allows transactions between participants in the system in digital currencies using analytical trading instruments and signals.


A total of 1 billion tokens will be issued, each for the price of 5 cents. During the ICO period, 500,000 coins will be sold. The minimum purchase cannot be less than 400 PM7.


The main goal of the platform is the creation of a situation that would be equally beneficial to all parties of the process. Project owners will receive reliable support in order to expand the range of those who want to participate in the business with money or become clients. And the platform participants will be able to claim a certain income if they promote the system. Soon the dissemination of лалю7 will cover all types of projects. Being a member of the system will be profitable, because they will be able to receive certain preferences and income from its work. The provision of the PM7+ mobile application filled with unique content and associated with all projects by the platform cannot be ignored.

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