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PagareX ecosystem is a representative of a new generation of calculation platforms, providing a wide functionality and a high level of security due to decentralization. ICO started at the end of 2017 and finished by the scheduled collection of $7million hardcap.


Support for a decentralized network is possible only through mining. To reward participants who gave their processing power under the generation of new chain blocks PagareX allocated more than 60% of total emission. At the time of writing, mining has not yet been activated by the team, but the launch is planned in the near future.


At the moment, this is a priority task, because PagareX ICO was successful. Software wallets for storing coins have been available for download since the PreICO stage, but are not yet supported by third-party exchange and trading platforms.


With increasing popularity, more capacity is required to support full operation. The team plans to reserve 33% of the tokens for mining assets to be able to adjust the rate and provide protection for both selected network protection protocols. At the WhitePaper, they wrote that they were ready to purchase additional equipment for production to keep the announced volume.

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