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PeerAtlas logo
PeerAtlas ICO Review
PeerAtlas ICO
Ticker: ATLAS
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 67,000,000 ATLAS
Tokentype: NEP-5
Hardcap: 15,000,000 USD
Softcap: 5,000,000 USD
Platform: NEO
Minimum: 30,000 USD
Accepting: NEO

PeerAtlas will develop the world’s most advanced medical AThey by combining its medical recommendations with real patient results to create a worldwide live rolling clinical trial. PeerAtlas believes that paywalls are unnecessary, and is challenging existing online medical resources which charge high subscription fees.

PeerAtlas is supported by a digital token — ATLAS. ATLAS is designed with features useful to an active trader, passive investor, and practicing physician.


Mobile devices and the Internet have changed how caregivers in Western medicine access critical knowledge. Subscription-based online resources now contain the best information for doctors to treat patients. Large publishing houses have
monetized this valuable content with paywalls. They propose an open-source online medical encyclopedia with peer-reviewed information available free of charge worldwide. The ATLAS token will be an NEP-5 asset registered on the NEO blockchain used to reward creators of articles and algorithms useful to medical professionals.
ATLAS tokens will also be used to redeem continuing medical education (CME) credits awarded to doctors and other professionals. In this manner, PeerAtlas can offer a high-quality medical resource created by paid professionals without selling advertising or limiting access with subscriptions.


August 2009: PeerAtlas founder Dr. Brad Mattson enters medical school
December 2011: Dr. Mattson consults PeerAtlas co-founders Dr. Colin Closser and Dr. Ling Wu with the vision that will later become PeerAtlas, and begins coding the site from scratch
May 2013: Dr. Mattson graduates with his M.D. degree from medical school
July 2013: Dr. Mattson enters a five-year radiology residency
October 2013: The first website domain is registered for an early alpha version of the PeerAtlas project
January 2015: PeerAtlas rebrands and registers the domain. Dr. Mattson continues work on the code with the help of Dr. Closser’s extensive debugging and design input. The vision of a completely free medical resource is further refined. A mobile-compatible website is added
November 2015: Dr. Mattson and Dr. Closser begin to market the project on social media
December 2016: Dr. Mattson buys BTC for the first time
May 2017: Dr. Closser graduates with his M.D. degree from medical school
June 2017: Dr. Closser buys Antshares (now NEO) for the first time. Dr. Closser begins trading digital currencies with a specific focus on Antshares markets
July 2017: Dr. Closser completes the first PeerAtlas whitepaper, and officially postpones his medical career to work full-time on the PeerAtlas project. Dr. Closser, Dr. Mattson, and co-founder Dr. Ling Wu, Ph.D. exchange correspondence with NEO founder Da Hongfei about launching the ATLAS token as a digital asset on the NEO blockchain. Dr. Mattson becomes a board-certified radiologist
August 2017: NEO team members continue to provide informal advice to the PeerAtlas project, and invite the founders to visit Shanghai, China
November 2017: The PeerAtlas team visits the NEO team at their workplace in Shanghai, China to prepare for the ATLAS ICO on NEO. PeerAtlas expands its core team to help launch the ATLAS ICO
December 2017: Da Hongfei invites Dr. Closser to present the PeerAtlas project at NEO meetups in New York City, USA and Tokyo, Japan
January 2018: The ATLAS ICO website is launched and token metrics are released. The team is expanded further with a professional marketing team
April 2018: KYC/Whitelist process begins. The ATLAS token is minted as a fixed supply NEP-5 asset on the NEO blockchain. Private and public pre-sale begins
April 2018: KYC/Whitelist process begins. The ATLAS token is minted as a fixed supply NEP-5 asset on the NEO blockchain. Private and public pre-sale begins
May 14, 2018: Public crowdsale (ICO) begins
June 4, 2018: ATLAS ICO crowdfunding ends, and the project enters a new era
June 5, 2018: Full-time programmers are hired to completely rewrite the PeerAtlas code with a focus on its medical articles and proprietary algorithms. Meanwhile, the core PeerAtlas founders transition to full-time recruitment of medical professionals to produce its articles and algorithms in selected specialties of medicine
July 1, 2018: Mobile app developers are hired to create native iOS and Android apps
September 1, 2018: Professional remodeling of the PeerAtlas website is complete
October 1, 2018: The PeerAtlas medical encyclopedia goes live in the specialties of Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine
October 2, 2018: The PeerAtlas founders continue full-time recruitment in other specialties that have large communities of doctors with immediate value and growth to the project
December 31, 2018: The PeerAtlas library adds a third specialty and continues to recruit doctors in other specialties to continue the successful expansion of its medical library
December 31, 2020: ATLAS begins migration to its own blockchain if doing so is found to benefit the PeerAtlas project and its tokenholders
December 31, 2021: PeerAtlas begins development of the world's most advanced medical AI by combining its medical recommendations with real patient results to create a worldwide live rolling clinical trial[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Bradley Mattson Founder Bradley Mattson photo 3
Colin Closser Co-Founder Colin Closser photo 3
Ling Wu Co-Founder Ling Wu photo 3
Arjun Patel Full-Stack Designer Arjun Patel photo 3
Rajiev Hallock Community Operations Rajiev Hallock photo 3
Joel Garcia CTO Joel Garcia photo 8.6
Mike Templeman Head of Marketing Mike Templeman photo 7
Tarek Siddiki Advisors Tarek Siddiki photo 6
Vivek Mittal Advisors Vivek Mittal photo 3

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