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Peer Mountain (PMTN) - The decentralised trust and compliance protocol.

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Peer Mountain is building a layer 2 blockchain protocol and coupled token for frictionless trusted information exchange in regulated commerce. Peer Mountain let's users collect all their digital information, identities and documents, in a self-sovereign private store to share with counterparties that they choose for establishing trust in shared facts.

Peer Mountain will eliminate personal information sharing, legal paperwork and compliance risk by connecting a self-sovereign data store with an enterprise grade blockchain driven data exchange protocol. Peer Mountain a peer-to-peer ecosystem where Consumers own their identity and personal data, Service Providers manage risk and compliance, and Trust Providers earn for verification of facts. All the paperwork needed for regulated commerce disappears… rent a car, get a loan, apply for a job, do KYC, use a crypto exchange, buy airline tickets, buy alcohol, sell a house: all can be done right now with no paperwork.

The objective of Peer Mountain is to decentralize data ownership, lower identity theft risk with zero knowledge proofs and reduce regulatory costs dramatically.

What Bitcoin does to money, Peer Mountain does to information.

The project has filed a patent on Peerchain a blockchain agnostic protocol with the first implementation on Ethereum and Hbase. PMTN, its crypto currency, is an ERC-20 token.

More information in the project whitepaper:

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Bancor Network


Blockchain Foundry

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PMTN Token[edit]

Symbol: PMTN

Standard: ERC-20

Hardcap: 39688 ETH

Softcap: 2333 ETH (reached in private sale)

Total Supply: 330,000,000

Parity: 1 ETH = 2917 PMTN

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Project website