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Please Protocol brings decentralization to the masses using xApp approach. The protocol allows service providers to publish their services on the Blockchain using smart contracts. The hybrid nature of the protocol makes the architecture very flexible, scalable and be used by other projects whether they are centralized, decentralized or hybrid. marketplace offers a fresh approach to book travels. Instead of spending hours browsing the internet to find a personalised trip, travellers can easily book, create and customize their trips across traditional, decentralized and sharing economies.

Voice is gradually taking over screen. Consumers are increasingly using their voice assistants at home and are looking for new ways to save time.’s bot is cross-platform and will guide travelers throughout their journey.

Please Prime Community[edit]

“​Please Prime” is an opt-in program that costs $49 per year. It is due in PLS which are locked and eventually returned back to the customer after one year based on his EthicRank. Being a prime member gives you access to:

  • Reduced fees on bookings
  • Prime-Only special offers
  • Prime-Only access to special services

Please Prime is our way of introducing Proof of Stake to the masses.


EthicRank is an AI-based algorithm that looks at factors like platform participation and activity to determine whether a user is a “good” user of our community. Initially the algorithm will factor in elements like whether a user has completed his profile, has left ratings after bookings have been completed, has received good ratings, has not cancelled any booking, has left positive reviews, etc. Since it is AI-based, the algorithm will evolve over time as we learn from our users.

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