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Propersix Prestige Network is a blockchain investment platform service project. ProperSix launches the 5th generation blockchain - a unique decentralized ecosystem of its own design, based on six main components (company products).


ProperSix has a wide ecosystem in which all platforms run on Blockchain technology and complement each other in the overall maintenance of all systems. The ProperSix blockchain is an advanced technology of its kind, which is the basis for crypto exchange. With the creation of the new cryptocurrency, the developers of ProperSix plan to use the Next Gen blockchain to launch a decentralized cryptocurrency. This will also offer trade to the public and private sectors. ProperSix is based on the six built components:

  • 5th Gen Blockchain
  • Crypto Exchange platform
  • Worlds first Blockchain Casino
  • PRO6 NextGen Coin
  • Prestige Network | Crypto’ 2 ’FIAT™
  • White label solutions
  • Value creation for users in multiple levels

5th Gen Blockchain[edit]

5th Gen Blockchain has the following advantages:

  • Interoperable blockchain
  • consensus algorithm based on artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Ability to involve all the nodes to support the network
  • launching private and public node
  • running DEX and other crypto platforms

Crypto Exchange platform[edit]

Developers plan with their own blockchain to create a fully decentralized exchange for payment using cryptocurrencies, such as their own PRO6 token and fiat currencies. The exchange will operate on its own decentralized system. The 5th generation ProperSix blockchain will be interoperable in the sense that instead of many chains of blocks for cryptography, such as BTC, ETH, DASH, etc., the blockchain will process them all on one platform. This eliminates the problem of switching to different platforms to complete a transaction for each coin separately. The 5th generation ProperSix blockchain will provide everyone with the opportunity to use the platform and conduct transactions with all supported blockchains faster, cheaper, more transparent and decentralized.

PROPERSIX Exchange is a crypto trading platform where users can trade with a much higher transaction speed - more than 6000 TPS (transactions per second).

The exchange is protected by some advanced architectural solutions, such as a cold and hot wallet with encryption and limited database access, IP verification and Hydrogen MFA verification. This greatly improves the security of the exchange.


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