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PROT Next step of CRYPTOCURRENCY PROT MasterNode Project by Pineplatform PROT Master Node Platform’s New Proposal.


PROT Project[edit]

PROT's Master Node Project breaks away from the existing crytocurrency’s weakness of excessive source consumption from mining and power structure concentrated on some of mining group. This crytpcurrency platform is development under the goal of fair distribution proportional to holding coins and complete decentralization. PROT provides mining reward for users holding coins without POW. So, anyone with PROT receive additional reward every day. PROT project goes beyond the Master Node, POS-based crytocurrency. Instead it pursues a complete mobile platform to become safe and easy cryptocurrency for everyone.


  • PROT Master-Node & Staking
  • PROT Wallet
  • Exchange for PROT Master-Node

PROT Mobile Preview[edit]

  • Compared to existing blockchain node operated in the desktop environment, smartphone application replaces the node’s role.
  • While it is composed of single network, it holds groups of multiple clusters to guarantee high availability.
  • Application acts as node and includes framework such as integrated wallet function, transfer history, personal authentication, reward, location information utilization, and smart contract.


Blockchain product[edit]

We develop sustainable blockchain technology for our customers.

Proof of stake[edit]

Users can select or deselect staking as they like and staking is available regardless of the amount of holding PROT.


We also provide continuous reward under the priority goal of stable reward and protection of Master Node’s asset value.


PROT is utilized as the key currency in the exchange together with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, usage of PROT is promoted through the incentive system.

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