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Pundi X is the world's largest decentralized offline cryptocurrency sales network. The project provides the first comprehensive solution for the sale of cryptocurrencies online and offline, including: decentralized sales network, multicurrency wallet (for solid and cryptocurrencies), decentralized trading platform, generalizovannoe ICO platform, off-line (entry point set in the physical stores).

Pundi X Review[edit]

Pundi X card

Pundi X is designed to help investors, developers, exchangers (exchanges) using cryptocurrency, blockchain companies, as well as ordinary consumers with the purchase of cryptocurrencies, making it as simple and convenient as possible. Pundi X's sales network includes hundreds of smart "Pundi X POS" devices for point of sale.

To buy cryptocurrency, buyers will only need a card "Pundi X Pass", which can be replenished in one of the retail outlets.

Pundi X POS can provide various models and modularized extensions, such as desktop devices, mobile devices, scanners, printers, cash machines and more to cater needs from different types of retailers. Each Pundi X POS device is attached to the Ethereum blockchain using XPlugins plugins. Thus, each store becomes part of the Ethereum blockchain, and developers from around the world can connect to the network of Pundi x devices and outlets.

Users can choose their preferred cryptocurrency on different exchanges, and the market helps determine which platform offers the best value for money.

Pre-ICO and ICO[edit]

NPXS is a token compatible with ERC20, which can be purchased during the ICO. It allows to pay for services provided by Pundi X, such as the sale of cryptocurrencies or advertising products. Token holders who participated in the ICO can purchase NPXS at a discount ICO price, as well as sell NPXS at a reduced price to Pundi X.

  • Black card (Buyer 1 - 50); 5% discount for 10 years;
  • Diamond card (Buyer 51-150); 5% discount for 5 years;
  • Platinum card (Buyer 151-300); 5% discount for 3 years;
  • Gold card (Buyer 301, etc.; purchase of tokens in the amount >10 ETH); 5% discount for 1 year.

1 ETH = 500 NPXS;
1 ETH = 500 NPXS;
1 BTC = 12500 MPXS;
1 XEM = 0.33 NPXS;

Token holders who choose to keep the NPXS will be able to benefit each month for three years as part of their further token distribution with Proof-of-stake. The distribution will decrease over time so that old token holders will be able to enjoy higher the level of payments. Token holders will be able to trade NPXS, as well as any other erc20-type tokens, both on exchanges and privately.

During the ICO, 30% of the total number of NPXS will be available, of which 20% will be sold publicly, and 10% will go to the company, its founders, advisers, as well as to cover marketing costs, related to ICO. The remaining 70% will be distributed to all token holders at a rate that decreases each year.

Pundi X (NPXS) Price[edit]

NPXS is a key component of the ecosystem Pundi X. Any company or individual who wish to join the network sales Pundi X must pay the cost of transaction fees. Developers can use a digital wallet to connect to the Pundi X interface (API) and create a smart contract for any seller.

The live Pundi X price is available on COIN360 widget:

Pundi X Coin Features[edit]

Ticker: NPXS;
Token type: ERC20;
ICO Token Price: 1 NPXS = 0.0021 USD (0.000002 ETH);
Fundraising Goal: 35,000,000 USD;
Sold on pre-sale: 23,000,000 USD (BONUS UP TO 65%);
Total Supply: 261,834,927,33 NPXS (The total supply will be finalized after January 2021);
Available for Token Sale: 66.67%;
Whitelist: YES;
Know Your Customer (KYC): YES;
Bonus for the First: 5-30%;
Mining: Proof-of-stake (PoS);
Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.1 ETH / NO;
Accepts: ETH;

XPASS Card[edit]

Pundi X creates a so-called card XPASS, which works with a mobile wallet and will allow users to make payments, as well as make deposits to the balance of their mobile wallet. Users will be able to see the current market rate of each cryptocurrency and to choose one of the beneficial ones.[1]

Review of perspectives[edit]

Pundi-X (PXS): Buy Bitcoin Easily

There are many attempts to popularize and simplify the use of cryptocurrencies, but most of them are reduced to the formation of multi-currency wallets with the functionality of exchange and management of funds. This factor creates restrictions in expanding the user base of such projects. To improve the popularity of Pundi X token, the team is going to make an airdrop o

Pundi X platform plans to implement a rather original concept, which makes it a promising project for investments. Analysts positively estimate the potential of such an idea, which can be embodied in other developments.

In early 2018, the developers of Pundi X initiated the expansion of the list of exchange platforms for trading their cryptocurrency, as well as the launch of the platform in the Asian markets. Further development and expansion plans include the following tasks:

  • the second quarter of 2018 — access to the markets of Canada, the increase in the use of terminals to 20-30 thousand;
  • the third quarter is the integration with the European trading system and the formation of their own credit rating;
  • fourth quarter — Pundi X entering the Russian market;
  • the beginning of the 2019 — market entry USA;
  • the second quarter — the expansion of existing systems, increasing the number of devices used to 70 thousand.;
  • the end of 2019-access to the markets of African countries and the Middle East, the number of terminals should be 100 thousand.

The roadmap shows that the main focus of Pundi X development is on the expansion and popularization of the project. At the same time, the developers do not set unattainable goals, the indicators are quite real and implementable, taking into account the proposed concept.

Based on the above stages of development analysts emphasize the prospects of investing in Pundi X on a long-term basis. However, the specifics of the cryptocurrency market shows that against the background of gradual expansion and news events, short-term contributions to such developments also have significant potential.

Considering investment opportunities, experts emphasize the originality of the proposed concept, as well as its relevance. At the same time, it is expected that as new markets develop, the popularity and value of the Pundi X cryptocurrency will gradually increase, which creates support for short-term investments.

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