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QRYPTOS is a crypto exchange built by QUOINE company. Its activities in the market began in June 2017. All the mechanisms and software are developed by experienced specialists with merit in the market to provide financial and exchange services in the field of blockchain. The company has its subsidiaries in Singapore, Vietnam and Japan. The daily turnover of the exchange is at least $50,000,000. Exchange processes on QRYPTOS meet the requirements of Global KYC and AML. The platform allows users to operate only cryptocurrency in the bidding process.


QRYPTOS has developed an innovative system for calculating commission fees. If a user is a liquidity provider he will have a bonus of 50% of the commission fees. Under the terms of this system, the player who made up the order is not subject to a commission fee, but instead is rewarded with a premium of 0.075% of the transaction. The same player who buys, pays a completely minimal commission fee of 0.15%.

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