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The advent of cryptocurrency and digital assets has proven to show great potential for investors and traders alike. The emergence of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009 and its growth since 2010 has shown immense returns for early adopters.

Ethereum (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies have emerged recently and within a short span have shown tremendous ROI. The total market cap of cryptocurrencies has soared past $150B (Aug 2017) and many new coins are being created through the process of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). AltCoins have also seen the potential for massive growth however the saturation in the market requires insight to make predictive gains.

At Quantum Labs we leverage mathematical models and machine learning to develop algorithmic trading strategies to outperform the market. Cryptocurrencies are a 24/7 market, unlike traditional equities, and whilst humans can’t trade 24 hours a day, our algorithms can.

Quantum Labs was founded by Usman Majeed, a long term cryptocurrency advocate since 2011. As of 2019, Quantum Labs has a team of 4 quant/programmers.

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