Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination

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The Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination (QUID) is a proposed "space currency" created as a viral marketing campaign launched by Travelex with the London-based public relations and advertising firm, talkPR. The full name is a backronym from 'quid', a slang term for the British Pound. The campaign stated that Travelex was launching a new form of money for space tourists that had no sharp edges, was chemically inert, and had other advantages over paper money. The campaign was launched in the midst of intense press coverage of the Virgin Galactic news. The story was picked up by major news agencies in the UK, and soon after, the US. Science magazines and technological blog writers weighed in on the topic, calling it "useless" and "nonsense", further spreading the story.

Statements by members of the NSC and the University of Leicester (who started the NSC) were added to the campaign release.<ref name="quidpr"/> When the campaign concluded, NSC received the resulting coins and put them on display in their Space|Now display.

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