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RecordsKeeper is a special ecosystem that is created for the purpose of records management. It is built for sharing and checking information. Through the use of modern blockchain technology, each user gets a completely secure transparent platform where everything is checked. It is a special data and information storage that creates a very simple secure access to all information.


The internal system token is XRK, it is used for all operations on the platform. A total of 60 billion tokens have been issued. The sale started on July 7, 2018 and lasted until July 22, 2018. The cost of one XRK coin is 0.00005 Bitcoin.

Principle of operation[edit]

Any user can very easily share information with other users. Through the use of blockchain technology, all information that is transferred between users does not require the involvement of third parties. The system is fully decentralized. Each user has unrestricted access to all data that is encrypted in the register. All changes are immediately recorded using the blockchain.

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