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RegalCoin is a decentralized platform based on the technology of the blockchain. The concept of the project resembles the same as that of the BitConnect platform. Users are free to invest money in its independent investment fund, getting a certain income from it. The received contributions are sent to finance various promising cryptocurrency services. The resource has its own internal token.


The work of this cryptocurrency is based on peer-to-peer architecture. This means that there is no single centralized server in the system. The network of e-currency is divided into many nodes, each of which is activated only by the user connecting to it.

Like Bitcoin, RegalCoin can be easily sent by anyone and anywhere. To make a transaction it is enough to have a mobile phone with Internet access. Commission charges for payment are low, but if users want to speed up the process, they can always increase the cost of the operation, regardless of the amount sent.

RegalCoin uses the X11 algorithm. The currency also has a certain lending mechanism mentioned on the official website. Most cryptocurrency products, such as a working client wallet, trading platform and other functionality or have already been launched, or will be introduced soon.


  1. Decentralization. Due to the use of a peer-to-peer network, the platform does not need a single administrative server.
  2. The data center is distributed over a huge number of nodes that are started by the resource participant.
  3. Low fees. Moreover, users can not pay for the transaction.
  4. Privacy. All operations of RegalCoin are completely anonymous. Each member of the network can independently configure whether information about it will be displayed or not.
  5. Ease of use.
  6. Limited emissions. The total number of coins issued is only 27 million.
  7. Independence. Due to the peculiarities of blockchain technology, RegalCoin is free from the influence of official financial and government structures. At the same time, all transactions that are recorded in the blockchain are open to the general public, which makes it impossible for traditional payment systems to achieve a level of transparency. Each transaction is saved online.

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