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The Rentberry cryptocurrency is a digital token based on the ERC20 Protocol, which is part of the ecosystem for renting long-term real estate. This cryptocurrency allows you to make secure transactions related to the payment of rental housing, as well as the provision of services and services obtained through the Rentberry platform.


Rentberry platform is a decentralized platform that provides the opportunity to rent housing for users, which optimizes all processes thanks to blockchain technology and smart contracts. In other words, Rentberry is a platform where landlords and tenants will interact, without the participation of intermediaries. Using Rentberry, it will be possible to solve the following tasks:

  • Search for accommodation;
  • Check of the tenant and the landlord;
  • Discuss the terms of the lease;
  • Pay rent;
  • Call contractors to perform home works.

In addition, the participants of the platform will be able to provide each other with the opportunity to credit.


Despite the fact that the project ICO ended a little less than 2 months ago, it already has more than 120 thousand users in 5 thousand US cities. During the work, the platform has already processed more than 200 thousand ads. Once the platform is fully implemented with the right marketing campaign, it will have very good prospects.

Where to buy[edit]

Rentberry tokens that have a stock Ticker BERRY are traded on the HitBTC, IDEX and Binance exchanges. The cost of one token is $0.06 cents with the capitalization of the project $13 million.

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