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The following information may no longer be true, WalletBit service was suspended


The article is kept only as historic documentation.

ResponsePay is a lightweight mobile bitcoin payment solution eWallet built with responsive & adaptive web design so will scale to fit. ResponsePay provides people with a simple yet very effective method of sending bitcoin locally and internationally. ResponsePay can reach almost all mobile phones, and it is instant.

Transfer Methods[edit]


Bitcoins can be send as an e-mail, the recipient will receive an claim link to redeem the bitcoins.

SMS (Text messaging)[edit]

Allow users in 212 countries to access their bitcoins via SMS messages. Send to mobile phones not registered in ResponsePay and the recipient will receive a claim link to redeem the bitcoins at ResponsePay.

They are working to be the equivalent to M-Pesa for bitcoin. It's important to realize they are just getting started and this is only the beginning of their path to fruition. A small fee of 0.0225 may apply if sending to a mobile phone number not registered in ResponsePay. A flat fee of 0.0005 BTC is deducted per all other transactions. The mobile provider may charge additional fees.


The service was launched on July 4, 2012.

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