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Retail.Global Business-As-A-Service Ecommerce Ecosystem powered by blockchain

Complete White Label Solution powering global sales for retailers and manufacturers. Based on working ecosystem with clients and partners and going to expand global

| The problem Retailers and manufacturers have to buy many software solutions for local and global ecommerce sales, hire expensive employees and manage many process that differ from common offline retail: platforms, delivery, payment, returns, products logistics, content, support, advertising, marketplaces, merchandising, retention, testing, integrations, analytics, strategy and global expansion. As result it very expensive, long time to implementation, no revenue growth and model that will have no future for company

| The Retail.Global solution Our solution: - Unite solutions in one platform - Add analytics & future modeling - Unite service providers & management - Expand ecosystem to global markets add blockchain advantagies: smart contracts, crypto and tokens usage in supply chain, payment and loyalty rewards program As a result, retailers get a competitive high-performance business solution for local and global online sales with the most competitive revenue sharing business model

| How RG works 6 modules: Online store, Supply chain: products & delivery, Global commerce, Loyalty rewards program, Analytics & controlling, Omnichannel business Ecosystem: Business users (manufacturers, stores, brand owners, shopping malls), Products Suppliers (manufacturers, distributors; wholesales, dropshipping, just-in-time production), Services (analytics, advertising, IT-infrastructure, etc.), Service providers (content, delivery, payment, management, consulting, etc.), VC Fund Startups (retail and marketing startups) and Loyalty Rewards Partners Country offices: Russia, Germany, England, France, China, India, Japan, South Korea How it works for brand: request, sign management company from Service Marketplace, make intergrations, store and start sales from local to global market

| 10years ecommerce experience team, working business with clients and revenue stream The business model has proved its effectiveness and market demand for a number of customers: Anta (top chinese sport manufacturer with 10000 stores), Quiksilver (Boardriders project, top action sport manufacturer), Glance (150 stores), Proskater (pure online sport store), Soho (50 stores), 5pocket (100 stores), Comma (one of the leader germany women fashion brand), Intersport (one the top global sport retail chain), Group (one of the leader IT company), VK (one of the leading social network) and others

| Big market of ecommerce and crossborder sales Company works on big markets of $4,500bln Retail e-commerce sales (2021F) and $622bln of Cross-border retail e-commerce sales (2022F), it gives opportunity for fast growing.

| RG Token Token used as the payment method for platform usage, it basis on revenue sharing model and additional payments for advertisment, commision from deals on all internal marketplaces (services, service providers, products suppliers) On platform shops can create branded shops token (powered by Bancor), it's using in Loyalty Rewards Program for online and offline shopping

| Token Sale terms Start: Private PreSale (Venture & Crypto Funds, Angels) 20.03.2018 Hard cap: $20,000,000 Exchange rate: 1 $ = 1 RGT ERC-20 token

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