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Revain is a platform for reviews built with blockchain technology.


Revain is a feedback platform, mostly based on the blockchain technology that doesnt allow to change or delete reviews and its authors get a reward for creating it.

Project website

ICO start date: 2017-08-21


The service is developed in close collaboration with hi-tech IBM AI systems.- Stable tokenRVN token, inner platform currency.- Review's immutabilityDue to blockchain technology and Ethereum platform especially, all the reviews can't be deleted or changed.- RewardsUsers get a reward in the tokens for every review. The only requirement - the review should pass filtration stage.- Automatic filtrationMachine learning and neural networks for detecting all types of unwarranted texts: spam, flood, abuse, etc.- Unbiased systemDAO and smart-contracts will prevent any kinds of fake reviews.- Transparency- Feedback from consumers of user's productImprove your product and business processes

More information in the project whitepaper:

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Project website

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