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Roobee is a blockchain based software investment platform, that uses AI and transparent statistics in order to help people make smart investments, starting from $10, in the investment products with high entry threshold, such as real estate, ambitious startups, investment funds, IPO, stocks, crypto projects, etc. It is built on the principles of security, transparency of operations, ease of use and access, automatization of investments and personalized asset management.


Roobee was founded in 2017 by Co-founder Artem Popov. August 2, 2018, during the pre-seed funding round, an anonymous investor, named by Bloomberg as "200M_trader", invested $4.5m into Roobee. During the testing period Roobee had been used by over 5,000 people, to invest over of US$15 million in Ethereum (ETH) into funds, venture, and blockchain projects.

Product overview[edit]

Roobee consists of 2 shells:[edit]

Inner shell: huge and complex infrastructure of a backend platform

Outer shell: the final result of the Roobee product — software investment platform in the form of a mobile application and a website, based on the principles Easy to Use and Suits You Best

Roobee combines:[edit]
  • Access to a wide range of investment products from traditional financial and crypto markets, such as stocks, ETFs, investment funds, venture funds, real estate, cryptocurrencies, IPOs, STOs, and stares in startups through the digitization of assets
  • Access for ordinary people (non-professional investors with any capital and income) to these products
  • Zero fee for access to platform functionalities for token holders
  • Technological infrastructure of a backend platform based on:
  1. Own RoobeeChain blockchain and public Ethereum blockchain
  2. Secure storage using centralized and decentralized solutions
  3. Machine learning methods for creating individual investment portfolios and strategies, as well as their automated rebalancing
  • Technology infrastructure of a mobile application and website
  • Gamification for convenient and simple investment
  • Legal infrastructure for compliant work and investment opportunities for nonprofessional investors from different countries

Investment products on Roobee[edit]

Blockchain and digitalization gave Roobee the opportunity to offer an access to a wide range of investment products and tools. At the same time, it is planned that users, who will purchase investment products via Roobee, will receive a digital asset to be able to participate in investment opportunities.

The digitalization of assets can be performed both through platform directly and/or through partners, who will be able to present their digitalized investment products. RoobeeScore will select investment products from the following asset classes (without limitations):

  • Cryptocurrencies and digital assets — a promising investment product. It can become an excellent complement to a risky investment within a balanced (by asset classes and their risk level) portfolio strategy.
  • Cryptocurrency portfolio cryptocurrency strategies can demonstrate excellent results when applying optimization capital (for example mean-variance), known in the classical market
  • Stocks — an integral part of the global financial market, which Roobee will make available for private investors with a small threshold, through digitalization and splitting.
  • ETFs — an exchange traded fund, in other words, an investment fund whose shares are traded on a stock exchange, allows access to a large number of investment products after buying only one security. Digitalization with a split option will also make ETFs more assecible.
  • Bonds — a traditional investment product, which is present in almost any long-term portfolio.
  • Portfolio strategies for trading stocks, ETFs, bonds — optimized portfolios and strategies, assembled from the investment funds available to private investors.
  • Private managers and traders — suffering from a lack of trust on the part of private investors, they will be able to attract users’ capital into their strategies and manage them safely for customers using Roobee Terminal.
  • IPO allocation — an investment product, the allocation in which was previously available only to selected qualified market participants.
  • Blockchain startups — a young investment product, the competent investment in which requires exceptional technical and investment expertise.
  • Shares in venture funds — a highly profitable investment product not available to most investors, which will become available through digitalization on Roobee.
  • Shares in promising startups — an investment product that requires complex legal structuring and is not available to most investors, but will become available through digitalization on the Roobee platform.
  • Real estate — a traditionally attractive investment product, with an extremely high entry threshold that can be removed by digitalization on the Roobee platform.
  • Loans to individuals and businesses — a highly profitable investment product presented in local markets, which can become a part of the portfolio of a private investor from any country using, digitalization on the Roobee platform.

Product features[edit]

No entry barriers and thresholds[edit]

At Roobee, we will remain committed to promoting the equality of users: investing from $10, the user will be able to access investment products as investors with $1,000,000 Investing even $10, the user will be able to invest in investment products with a high entry threshold: investment funds, venture funds, a number of indices, IPO, real estate, shares in startups, etc.


Roobee will help users build a portfolio of investment products from markets such as stock and venture markets, real estate, loans, investment funds, blockchain projects, start-ups, IPOs, cryptocurrencies, etc. This allows to create an investment portfolio consisting of investment products from different markets.


With Roobee, you will be able to invest automatically from $10 (BTC). It will be quite easy: just link a bank card (or transfer a digital currency to decentralized Roobee Wallet) and set the amount/percentage of income the user wants to invest. User may be able to automatically, on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, transfer the prefered amount of funds to the investment portfolio created or the investment products selected.

Digital unification[edit]

Roobee ID, a secure identification system, will provide the user with fast and secure access to investing in all investment products on Roobee. Users will only undergo AML/KYC check once and will no longer need to spend enormous amount of time to pass these checks each time he makes an investment.

Smart achievements[edit]

On Roobee, the user will be able to choose a goal (a certain amount of capital, apartment, car, vacation, children’s education, etc.) for which to save money with the help of investments. Roobee will calculate the approximate time to achieve this goal and draw up a financial plan for the user to achieve it.

Safe storage[edit]

For сonvinient and secure work with the platform and the RoobeeNetwork, several options will be offered. The first is to use RoobeeWallet - a decentralized wallet for storing funds and digitized assets. RoobeeWallet will be compatible with cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, USDT and many others. Also, on the basis of the wallet, the possibility of decentralized secure exchange using the API of exchanges will be realized. The use of RoobeeWallet in conjunction with RoobeeID will provide decentralized storage of funds, since the keys will be on the user's side. The second option will be storage, based on the partners solution - Bitgo, which have been proven by UPbit, Pantera Capital, CME Group, Kraken, Genesis, SBI, Ripple, and many others.


Gamification will allow Roobee users to have an experience different from customary investing, to change complex and incomprehensible investment mechanisms towards the game in which the achieved investment goal is the main goal. Roobee’s focus on the growing market of Generations Y and Z and the specific consumption patterns of these generations make gamification of the investment process a must. We will gradually implement these mechanisms on the Roobee platform. As a result, Roobee will become an interesting and engaging software investment platform, speaking the same language with the new generation.

Machine learning[edit]

Machine learning will be implemented in order to provide customers with the best user experience, based on the decisions that users make on Roobee and on the results of their investment. Evident advantages for Roobee and its users are the more actions the user performs, the better Roobee will be able to select investment products specific for the user, form an investment portfolio, meet the user’s needs, and the better Roobee’s algorithms will work to assist with identifying future investments. For example, these technologies will be an integral part of physiognomic risk profiling, which constitutes analysis of the user’s risk appetite and acceptance, based on the user’s photograph, drawing up an individual investment plan, investment portfolio and other Roobee products. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be used to create a more advanced algorithm for creating investment plans that will make more accurate predictions of the user needs. Artificial intelligence will also be necessary to enable the system to automatically manage wealth and user’s investment portfolios. The system can also rebalance portfolios and provide recommendations.

Big Data[edit]

Roobee is an international project that aims to attract a large number of users. For this reason, Roobee will deal with a huge amount of data connected to user preferences, transactions, and investment expectations. As one of Roobee’s mottos is ‘Suits you best’, using this data, Roobee will be able to improve its internal processes, understand which product the users need and which product should be offered to a specific user right here, right now with, the help of the most accurate targeting that can be achieved, using big data.

Liquidity for users[edit]

Roobee platform will be able to provide an opportunity to use an appropriate asset temporarily, leaving another asset, supported by Roobee, as a bail. For example: a user could receive fiat money in exchange for a share in a crypto portfolio. Roobee user will have to freeze his share in a crypto portfolio as a bail. This kind of operation is regulated by a relevant chaincodes in RoobeeChain. For utilization of fiat money user will have to pay a fee. In the case of non-return, assets managed by a chaincode will be automatically sent to a user, who loaned these assets.

Blockchain Features[edit]

Blockchain is a must-have technology for digitalization and creation of digital assets on the Roobee platform, ensuring transparency and authenticity of statistics, safe storage and exchange of user assets and personal information.


To ensure transparent and genuine user experience, Roobee will implement a blockchain. Each investment product on Roobee will have real, genuine blockchain track record, which will show:

  • How much money the users spent on investment products and how much money they got back;
  • What is the real rate of return for each investment product;
  • How many users have invested in any listed investment product, etc.;
  • Every user’s investment will be recorded on a genuine blockchain, proving that it is real and belongs to the user.
Issue of digitalized assets[edit]

Suppose there is a Roobee platform, a consortium of auditors and a provider of financial instruments. After reaching a consensus between them, a certain number of instruments are locked into the system to be managed through the blockchain. Blockchain allows the management of tokens by transactions submitted by an authorised end-users, issuers or token owners. However, in other contexts, operations for management of tokens are triggered by a smart contract or a chaincode.

Digital Identity[edit]

Roobee ID as part of HyperLedger Fabric’s PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) stores private keys, allows signing transactions in a decentralized and secure manner and verifies their confirmation by the RoobeeChain network. Once transacted to RoobeeChain with validated KYC/AML information, Roobee ID allows users to minimize the number of checks and requests for access to all investment products of the platform.

Roobee Token[edit]

To access to enhanced functionality of the infrastructure of the platform, Roobee launches the ERC20 standard token, based on the Ethereum blockchain, as the most convenient option with a developed infrastructure for customers. Roobee tokens will be used exclusively for work and to obtain the functionality available for Roobee token holders within the platform. The platform user will be identified as the owner of the Roobee token by adding the external address and confirming the external address of the Roobee token/ storing the Roobee token on the user's RoobeeWallet wallet/ transferring the Roobee token to various smart contracts. Thus, the functionality of the Roobee token may include, but is not limited to:

  • Access to additional investment modes;
  • Getting Allocation in Investment Products with limited allocation;
  • Reduced transaction costs for the user on the platform;
  • Getting the opportunity to self-rebalance the portfolio;
  • Gaining access to an extended line of investment products within RoobeeMarket;
  • Accessing the Roobee educational platform;
  • Getting a premium status on the platform, for example Gold.

A number of the functions described above may require the holder of a Roobee token to deposit or freeze, including on smart contracts.

The nature of the Roobee token implies further burning of the token within the framework of the platform, with a decrease in the amount of tokens released up to 50%.

Within the framework of the platform, Roobee tokens can be distributed among users, for example:

  • Encouraging users for socially useful actions, for example: successful passing tests on the platform, winning user contests;
  • Bonus program and Bugbounty, for example: getting tokens for the first investment, performing target actions on the platform. Such activities will be strictly limited;
  • 3 level Referral system.
Legal Nature of the Roobee Token[edit]

The Roobee Tokens are crypto-Tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain platform on the base of ERC-20 smart-contract protocol. The Roobee Tokens are utility Tokens designed to provide a full-featured access/operation on its platform to token holders.

Key team members and advisors[edit]

All information about key members and advisors of the Roobee team is available on our website at the bottom of the page. Also, there are links to their LinkedIn pages. Currently, a team of more than 30 people is working on the project’s development. These are specialists who previously worked for Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, Lazada, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Banca Intesa and other famous and reputable companies.

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