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The Rudanovsky Foundation is a philanthropic organization supporting the fine arts and related activities. The foundation was established in 2015 by Kara and Pavel Rudanovsky, the great-great grandson of art collector A.K. Rudanovsky.

The foundation is experimenting with the use of blockchain to prove provenance of fine art.


Maksimilian Voloshin, watercolor "Fantastic Landscape",1917.From Daria Nikolaevna Chasovitina collection


2017 - September 1-10 Russian artist Svetlana Smirnova at the State Central Museum of Contemporary History, Moscow

This exhibition is notable because it includes a public demonstration of the VerisArt blockchain technology, an early application of the technology to the domain of art.


Blockchain offers the possibility of a public record of the authenticity and provenance of an objet d'art and an anonymous record of ownership and transactions. It begins with a digital image of the piece. The technology promises to protect artists, collectors, and dealers. The approach is well received.


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