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Russian Miner Coin – RMC company, project

The Russian Mining Company project (RMC Company) is an open, decentralized system of full cycle development, implementation, production, and management of innovative equipment for mining based on a security chip on each hash board and the leading chip of multicellular architecture with unique energy efficiency. RMC is a project which brings together two ideas: issuance of a miner of altcoins having MultiClet heightened energy efficiency; participation of RMC Joint Mining Club members in the waiting period for the MultiClet miner to be ready.

Russian Miner Coin Review[edit]

RMC Mining – Russian Miner Coin Price, Review, Wallet

Russian Miner Coin is a single ecosystem for scholars, producers of devices for mining, data centres and the community of miners. RMC a project which brings together two ideas: issuance of a miner of altcoins having MultiClet heightened energy efficiency.

More information in the project whitepaper:

RMC ICO[edit]

Time period for carrying out the ICO was 28.08.2017- 28.09.2017. The cost of an RMC coin amounts to between 4100 and 4900 USD depending on the time of purchase during the ICO. The threshold of participation is 0.1 coin. After completion of the ICO, the RMC could be freely transferred to a third party via the Mycelium wallet.

RMC Coin[edit]

RMC coin is the digital asset of the system recorded in the Colored coins format on the basis of the Bitcoin blockchain with open-source code. The RMC coin is the basic instrument of intra-system communication, as well as the asset which confirms membership in the Joint Mining Club. Only the RMC coin gives the right of exchange for a MultiClet miner and participation in the Joint Mining Club or privileged purchase of the miner S11i.
Objective of the issuance

  • The objective of the RMC issuance is to attract cash funds to the Project equivalent to 100,000,000 USD.

Volume of the issuance

  • Only 25,000 RMC will be issued.
  • Buy-back of coins is possible by means of exchange for miners.

Russian Miner Coin price (RMC)[edit]

There is a relevant price of RMC coin:

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