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SBInvestitions logo
SBInvestitions ICO Review
SBInvestitions ICO
Ticker: SBI
ICO start: 2018-07-01 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-08-31 00:00:00
Price: 1 SBI = 0.052 USD
Tokens: 22,800,000 SBI
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 1,000,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 57%
Accepting: ETH

They are registering a pioneer company. Using our experience and knowledge, we find a site with deposits of block stone, draw up a license for subsoil use for 25 years, conduct geological exploration, obtain samples of stone and sell a company with a license to large investors ready to develop the deposit.

Currently, there is a growing speculative demand in the Russian market for ready-made deposits of block granite in connection with the scarcity of quality stone. They want to partially meet this demand, receiving multiple returns for ourselves and our investors.


Hello, dear partners!
Currently, there is a growing speculative demand in the Russian market for ready-made deposits of block granite in connection with the scarcity of quality stone.
They want to partially meet this demand, receiving multiple returns for ourselves and our investors.
Along the way, we want to deal with the following problems:
1. The bowels of the Russian Federation, with all their wealth, belong to the people (according to the law) and are distributed by the state, In fact, only major businessmen and officials have access to them. And the further, the richer the rich become, the poorer the poor.
With the help of the blockchain, we want to enable small and medium-sized investors to participate in the process of using the national wealth and get from this income.
2. By attracting a wide range of possible investors and facilitating communication between the participants in the process, automation of allocation of investments and profits, we want to increase efficiency and reduce the time of search and collection of investments for our project, subsequently, applying the run-in model for any subsoil use project in Russia.
3. Deposits repeatedly change their owners. In the life cycle of the field there are multiple changes of owners.
They want to create in the detachment an information and document base on the deposits of this and the following projects, which in the future will make it easier for potential buyers to make the right decisions on buying and selling, transfer of rights, pledge and other actions related to project deposits.
The use of blockchain will make it possible to work more efficiently in the market, ensuring a qualitative and quantitative breakthrough in the entire sphere of subsoil use in Russia.
They represent the company "Invest Technologies", which exists since 2005, and is currently a co-founder of "EcoTechnology"​. EcoTechnology is the leading figure in the market of environmental design in the Republic of Karelia, a project investor for the exploration and extraction of construction stone to produce crushed stone, as well as an investor in the project for the extraction of construction sand.
They have already built and sold 5 projects of a similar kind, with an overall revenue of about 5 million USD. Even though our role in the projects has finished, we still keep in  touch with their owners. Here is an example of one of our projects: a quarry for the extraction of building stone and a crushed stone plant, is working very successfully bringing its owners about 3 million USD a month.
However, we are not going to talk about crushed stone now.
As to our highly respected investors, we would like to make the following offer for your consideration: a new project of preparation for industrial mining and the following sale of block stone fields of various colors (mostly black).
Block stone is widely used as raw material for the manufacture of ritual products, civil and road construction.


Until June 30, 2018: PreICO with 60% discount.
By August 31, 2018: ICO.
Until January 31, 2019: Obtaining exploration licenses.
Until 31 July 2020: Protection of stocks of block stone.
Until June 30, 2021: Pre-sale preparation.
until December 31, 2021: Sale of deposits and redemption of SBI.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Belonogov Alexander CEO. Businessman, ecologist, maecenas; Belonogov Alexander photo 3.1
Pyrozhenko Gennady Geologist, discoverer of deposits in Karelia Pyrozhenko Gennady photo 3.1
Gliarianov Anton Chief engineer-planner, land surveyor Gliarianov Anton photo 3.1
Pozdnikin Konstantin Javascript, solidity developer, analyst;; Pozdnikin Konstantin photo 3.1
Mukhin Arsenii Lead javascript developer; Mukhin Arsenii photo 3.1
Luzgin Sergey Engineer, administrator. Luzgin Sergey photo 3.1
Ignatieva Alexandra Designer Ignatieva Alexandra photo 3.1

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