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Securix is an operationally ready cryptocurrency mining solution. The company is committed to simplifying investment in cryptocurrency through its innovative asset-backed SRXIO token, environmentally conscious power generation, and easy-to-use Mega Vault Wallet app.

Securix’s mining operation will be located in an old sugar factory in the Netherlands. This site was specifically selected based on four core requirements: strategic placement, safety, security, and scalability. The factory is over 10,500 square feet, 3 stories high, and large enough to house 24,000 mining units. With all of this infrastructure, Securix will be able to mine up to 24.5 Bitcoin on a daily basis.

Securix is deeply committed to the environment. By using the EAN-2-EAN decentralised energy trading platform to purchase all of its necessary energy, the company is able to purchase green energy directly from solar and wind generators, bypassing costly intermediaries. Moreover, Securix can enter the complex energy trading marketplace without having to deal with the financial barriers typically associated with this process.

The SRXIO token is backed by tangible, real-life assets including mining hardware and infrastructure. SRXIO token holders can expect to receive a consistent monthly return on investment through Securix’s ground-breaking monthly gross revenue sharing business model. The company is also committed to ensuring corporate sustainability and profitability through reinvesting or buying back SRXIO tokens from the market, thereby increasing both the token value and monthly output per token. Unlike cloud mining contracts, SRXIO tokens can never be cancelled as they are based on smart contracts. These tokens also offer such benefits as flexibility as they can be traded or sold on an exchange, improved protection against losses thanks to Securix’s company reserve program, and immediate effectiveness versus cloud mining contracts that often require a long deployment periods.

The company’s founders live and work in the Netherlands, ensuring flawless execution of the operation.

With an innovative, ready-to-use platform, strong leadership, eco-conscious approach, and the asset-backed SRXIO token Securix is poised to be an industry leader in responsible, sustainable, and profitable mining.After initiating operations, Securix will launch its new token sales mining platform. On this platform, Securix is offering a healthy alternative to traditional cloud mining contracts. The company's token-driven mining service will provide incredible benefits to investors, boasting greater value than cloud mining investments. SRXIO token holders will receive a 10% gross revenue share from this new additional token pool gross revenue.

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