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Sirin Labs Token (SRN) is a cryptocurrency token designed to power up the development of the Sirin Labs company. It is based on the Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard and has a total supply of over 572 million SRN. Sirin Labs Token was announced on October 18, 2017.

Sirin Labs Token is a utility token, meaning it is developed to provide users that invest in the company with a future access to the products and services of offered by it. SRN is operating within the blockchain that is called “Finney Blockchain” and simultaneously within the Ethereum network. Finney blockchain allows Sirin Labs Token to be used with a crypto wallet with encrypted and secure communications. As an Ethereum-based blockchain, Finney is a scalable and ASIC resistant network.

Sirin Labs Token does not have its own wallet. However, it is easy to use with MyEtherWallet and a number of other third-party solutions.

Sirin Labs Token market performance[edit]

Sirin Labs Token price and market capitalization online according to COIN360:

Crowdsale of the Sirin Labs Token helped the company to gain $157M USD and become the 4th biggest ICO of its time. The Sirin Labs Token main purpose is to be a driving force for the products of the Sirin Labs company.

Sirin Labs Token is actively traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including:

and several others.

As a ERC-20 token, Sirin Labs Token is not minable and can only be bought or exchanged.

Sirin Labs company[edit]

Sirin Labs is founded by Moshe Hogeg. The company is headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, but operates in multiple countries. It specializes in the development of blockchain-related products in both software and hardware domains. Current products of the Sirin Labs company are aimed at the mobile market. The main product that brought the company to the massive attention is their mobile phone, Finney (originally named “Solarin”).

Finney is a smartphone developed specifically for the cryptocurrency users. It was intended and is described by the developers as a mobile solution with high level of security and privacy as well as usability for the cryptocurrency users.

Finney has such features as:

  • Cold storage wallet that is built in the standard version of the phone
  • dCENTER - the decentralized application center of Sirin Labs
  • Token Conversion Service for the Sirin Labs Token and other cryptocurrencies
  • Three-Factor authentication, including behavioral, biometrical and a lock pattern authentication
  • Physical protection switch for the wallet security

Finney is powered by the Sirin OS - an operating system, developed specifically for Finney. It is an Android-based OS with upgraded security for entire device and specifically for the built-in cold wallet. All these products are an attempt of the Sirin Labs company to build a bridge between consumer electronics and blockchain industry.

Short-terms strategies of the Sirin Labs mostly include the marketing projects for brand awareness raising. The company even managed to sign Lionel Messi as a brand ambassador. The company plans to start the development of their own PC product in early 2019.


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