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Cryptocurrency SPHTX is a digital token of the SophiaTX platform, which develops functionality that allows any company to use blockchain technology in its activities. To do this, the project team creates all the necessary infrastructure and API-tools to meet corporate requirements.


SophiaTX developers are trying to create not just a platform where companies will have their own cluster, but also a place in which it will be possible to conduct common activities, the so-called ecosystem. When creating a project, the focus is on:

  • Settlement of transactions between participants;
  • Network bandwidth (up to 2000 transactions per second);
  • Process optimization;
  • Introduction of new business models.

The project team understands that the activities of companies within the platform must be provided with a proper level of security. To do this, developers create a set of tools that will allow to conduct hidden transactions between participants. The team plans to integrate with the Internet of Things, and launch its own marketplace, where users can sell products, applications, services and other values.


In May 2018 the team should launch its market platform, which will certainly affect the rate of SophiaTX tokens. The project roadmap states that by the end of 2018, SophiaTX will be integrated with the Internet of Things. Cryptocurrency SophiaTX has a great potential to capture its segment of the market. Given the current value of the SPHTX tokens, reaching the $1 price for the token is more than a real goal by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Where to buy[edit]

At the moment SPHTX can be bought on Kucoin and Bit-Z. The cost is $0.63, while the total capitalization of the project is $121 million. The project is on the 136th place in the ranking of capitalization.

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