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Safe-T mini is a reliable and secure hardware wallet for coins built by French company Archos.


Archos had nothing to do with cryptocurrencies until 2018, and was engaged in the production of smartphones and various gadgets. The new device will be called Safe-T mini and will be the first development of the company in the field of digital tokens and storage.


The first thing Safe-T mini will differ from its competitors is the design. The device is made in a very original form factor in comparison with other representatives of this segment Trezor and Ledger. It will have a round shape, resembling a CD player, but smaller. The diameter of the wallet will be 58 mm, and the height - 8 mm. It will be convenient to carry even in a pocket.

Like other members of the niche, Safe-T mini will connect to PC via USB. Unfortunately, according to preliminary data, it will be necessary to use a separate cable, which is not always convenient. The device will work in conjunction with Android, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and support the wallets Electrum, Ethereum, GreenAddress/Greenbits, MyCrypto and Mycelium.

Protection from outside interference will be provided by a PIN code, which will consist of 4-9 characters. In addition, all operations will appear on the small display of the device, and for their execution the user will have to confirm consent to the transaction.

If the wallet is lost or broken, it can be restored. For this purpose, a recovery key consisting of 24 words (BIP39) is provided.


The release of the new device is planned for June 2018. Its price will be about 50 euros. It is too early to say how reliable Safe-T mini will be. First, the company for the first time enters the crypto-currency market, and it is unknown whether it will have enough knowledge to take into account all the subtleties of the work of such devices. Secondly, despite the small number of competitors, the manufacturer will have to defend its own products, because in a few years, most users are used to an old and reliable Trezor and Ledger.

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