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Scienceroot is the first platform created for the development of science. The purpose of creation, do the research ecosystem, which is based on the blockchain. According to the creators, the scientific platform should meet the needs of scientists, academics, researchers, in the financing of scientific projects


To implement this project, the scienc Token cryptocurrency was created. Instant exchange of Scienc Token, which does not depend on the user's location, allows both scientists and people who do not belong to the scientific community to take an active part in the development of science worldwide.Scienceroot is committed to improving the research and scientific community by using the blockchain system. This scientific ecosystem will be powered by The scienc Token cryptocurrency. Currency Scienc Token will be used for storage of scientific ideas, storage publications on the blockchain, the exchange of services on the platform, payment of compensation, which ultimately, will make the life of scientists much easier.


  • Category: Education
  • Purpose of fees: 500 000 USD
  • Tokens issued: 300 000 000 ST
  • The cost of a token: 1 ST = 0,4 EUR
  • Currency ETN, BTS, BTN, LTS, WAVES, ZEC
  • Location: Romania

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