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Google monthly search volume for "Bitcoin" is a good way to track growing interest. This page ranks the top 20 countries by search volume to give an approximation of the international composition of the Bitcoin community and Market.

Last updated: Jan 2013

R Country vol/mth
- World 673.000
USA 246.000
Germany 49.500
UK 49.500
Canada 33.100
Australia 22.200
Russia 18.100
Netherlands 14.800
Italy 14.800
Brazil 12.100
10º Spain 12.100
11º Sweden 12.100
12º Finland 9.900
13º Austria 6.600
14º Argentina 4.400
15º India 4.100
16º Ireland 3.600
17º New Zealand 3.600
18º South Africa 1.900
19º Turkey 1.900
20º Venezuela 1.900

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