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Seele is a completely new innovative technology that works on the fourth generation blockchain. The developers claim that no matter what the platform will be or what operations will be carried out, the platform will still work much faster than previous versions. The platform plans to take a leading position, thanks to its rich functionality.

The main goal of the project is to create a special ecosystem with large functionality that uses the latest available technologies. The intention is to create a revolution in the entire field.


The project is based on the technology of Neural Consensus, and it is planned to increase the level of productivity by 40%. It is also planned to significantly increase the level of scalability. Neural Consensus technology was used to ensure the highest level of security. All scammers and hackers fail in trying to hack the system. Most hackers simply cannot afford to commit a cyber attack. The level of costs will be much greater than the profit from the hacking. Each user can be relaxed in the safe storage of all personal data.

Technical advantage[edit]

Using the opaque proxy mode, the client connects to the server side by side and passes QVIC:

  • source-to-destination data for non-cache security;
  • encode data streams, transfer data between servers via UDP packets, which improves security;
  • load balancing can be used to improve reliability;
  • high resistance to packet loss.


Internal token of the system is SEELE. The price of one coin is only 0.0324 USD. As in other platforms, tokens produce interaction with the platform. Each user can get some reward for the development of the platform. All commissions on the platform are also charged with a token SEELE.


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